Legally Blonde: The Musical
11 July

Elle Woods, the beautiful blonde sorority girl with a Chihuahua in hand and a penchant for all things pink, is your fellow law student at Harvard Law School. Despite enrolling in the prestigious course for all the wrong reasons, she climbs to the top of her class without sacrificing her public declaration for hot pink colour. On top of that, she stays true to herself, and leans into her feminist side without trying too hard.

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Eco-Business Founder Jessica Cheam
2 June

Starting as an experiment in 2009 when Jessica was a journalist at The Straits Times, Singapore’s authoritative broadsheet daily newspaper, Eco-Business has since grown into a viable media business for Asia-Pacific’s sustainable business community.

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Orange Wines By Dellarosa Wine
4 July

Like red and white wines, orange wines have many variations. One can expect plenty of mouth-gripping tannins and honeyed aroma with every sip. It can be paired with roasts, cheeses, even fermented foods like Japanese miso, Korean kimchi and Indonesian tempeh.

Exclusively available in Singapore, orange wines can also be found in fine dining establishments like Odette, Pollen and Salt & Grill Sky Bar.

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Caffé B: Italian-Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
15 June

Caffé B, one of Singapore’s longstanding Japanese-Italian restaurant and bar, has settled in a three-storey heritage building, off the fringes of Singapore’s trendy Club Street drinking quarters.

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The Power of Human-Centered Marketing
26 June

Humanisation was born to help tech start-ups make a human impact in the digital world. Despite remarkable advances in technology, there remains a disconnect between companies and the people they seek to serve. It’s never been, and won’t ever be, a plug and play process.

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The Art of Kintsugi and the Beauty of Imperfections
9 May

Many of us lead busy lives that demand convenience and quick fixes. When things get broken, it’s so much easier to buy a replacement than spend time trying to fix it. However in Japan, ironically the land of instant ramen and vending machines, there exists an ancient art of repairing broken pottery with gold.

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Madonnas and Mavericks
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Crazy Horse Paris
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A Modest Maldivian Retreat
2 May

The mere mention of Maldives conjures up images of azure seas, luxe water bungalows and isolated islands that come with a hefty price tag. Most vacationers have to fork out more than USD 500 a night. Fortunately, affordable luxury awaits in Maafushi. It offers a romantic retreat which doesn’t break the bank.

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Travelling with Wonder in the Internet Age
13 April

Armed with smartphones and GPS, millennial travellers are conquering the world. How can we make room for wonder and discovery in the Internet age?

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Meeting Maiko
Posted by 14 Feb
Bali For Lovers
Posted by 19 Jan


Forest Adventure: Family Fun for Everyone
14 June

When Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Besse first conceived the concept of Forest Adventure over ten years ago, she had one simple goal in mind – to create a fun and exciting outdoor activity for both young and old to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping sense of adventure in Singapore’s natural surrounds.

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Fairly Priced Leather For Men
28 March

These days, it is hard to find fairly priced leather that’s functional for men. Retail rentals and brand royalties often lead to markups, which are passed to consumers at a high price. Enter Faire Leather Co., a new age vertically integrated company that runs its own factory and offers direct-to-consumer pricing for functional leather goods.

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