Jay Chou’s Jukebox Musical
15 September

Jay Chou is the face of Mandopop music. Marrying the best of Broadway entertainment with an American, High School Musical touch to a sappy love story, The Secret Musical descended into Singapore with aplomb earlier in April 2018.

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Quick Fire Questions with The Podium Lounge’s Robbie Hoyes-Cock
2 September

Formula 1 parties are all about incredible music, fashion, celebrities and partying harder than the rest of the year! Doyenne.sg speaks with the maverick behind Podium Lounge to find out more.

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Romantic Night Out At Caffé B
5 September

Get ready for a culinary adventure. Located along Club Street, Caffé B offers contemporary, premium quality Italian cuisine with a Japanese touch in a friendly and relaxed setting. The social dining and bar concept marries the best of Italian culinary traditions with the artful finesses of Japanese culture for a romantic night out.

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Sensibilities Of Contemporary Chinese Cuisine
20 August

A slew of restaurants are here to elevate Singapore’s modern Chinese dining landscape.

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The Art of Silence in Negotiation
5 October

Negotiation is an essential life skill, one that is steeped in the intricacies of social interaction. No one gets what they deserve in life. They get what they negotiated for. Conversations therefore form the very basis of negotiation.

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Planning the Perfect Date
23 September

Psychologist and published author, Peter Toohey, once said that too much of the same thing, and too little stimulation, can cause one to feel an absence of desire and a feeling of entrapment.

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Benefits of Waking Up Early
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Sydney’s Best Kept Secrets
9 October

Stargazers and romantics will fall in love with this magical clear dome, overlooking the Capertree Valley near Round Swamp, the second biggest canyon in the world. Just three hours’ drive from Sydney, visitors can get lost in nature and simply be.

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Hotel G Hits The Spot
11 September

If it was creative rejuvenation that I needed, then Hotel G Singapore was one of the best hotels for it. Part of the GCP Hospitality group’s line up of attitude lifestyle hotels, Hotel G Singapore boasts a strong design identity that celebrates art.

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Alcheme: Intentional Skincare For Women
16 October

The brand’s ability to combine pure elements, creating personalised skincare solutions that help users achieve healthy, beautiful and radiant skin, also comes with a conscious effort to be sustainable.

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Caring for Caregivers
26 September

After a decade long stint in the civil service, Wan Ling realized that home care options were severely lacking in urban cities like Singapore. This led her to set up Caregiver Asia, an online healthcare service aggregator linking freelance caregivers with careseekers. Besides founding the platform, Wan Ling is also an active advocate for freelance caregiver rights. Doyenne.sg speaks to the trailblazer on her drive, what sets Caregiver Asia apart, and keeping a positive mentality.

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