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What do Pat Law, Tjin Lee, Velda Tan, Anita Kapoor and Yoyo Cao have in common? Besides being members of Singapore’s influential women elite, they have unique fashion personalities. We discover their fashion identity and relay how you can adopt their styles.

By Ruth Song

Founder of GoodStuph, The Damn Good Shop and Good Chi

Pat Law calls herself “an unapologetic badass” and she holds nothing back when it comes to dressing. With an enviable walk-in closet that is bathed in so much light that her Instagram snaps need #nofilter, the outspoken founder of local social media agency, Goodstuph, carries off an androgynous style like no other.

A self-professed show-off, she enjoys unorthodox combinations, like a mandarin collar tailcoat jacket which she designed, with tailored shorts. Her most visual accessory is her over-sized, dark-rimmed spectacles that she has in various shades and shapes.

Otherwise, she’s one for unusual accessories: a Hello Kitty Nook watch, rosary she put on for a National Day dinner with the PM, and a pretty floral tie for wedding.

Pat’s favorite sartorial choices: Mandarin collars, fitted dress shirts (both long and short-sleeved), vests, t-shirts with rolled-up sleeves, tank tops, skinny jeans, men’s dress shoes

Prints or color: Pat veers to wearing a lot of black but when she does do prints, she is seen in European ones like plaid and pinstripes

Style attributes: Masculine, minimalistic, coordinated

Potential online shopping sites:

$$$$ http://sg.club21global.com/club21/men.html

$$$ http://beyondthevines.com/

$$ http://www.aforarcade.com/

Founder and Managing Director of Mercury Marketing & Communications, CRIB and Singapore Fashion Week, Co-founder of Trehaus

Despite her tenacious attitude and ambitious drive – she is the founder of nine companies – Tjin Lee has taken a much softer approach to her fashion style. With a preference for softer fabrics like silk and chiffon, Tjin epitomises column dressing (wearing one colour) to further elongate her statuesque height.

The busy mother of two keeps her accessories to a minimum but always chooses one item to feature, like a statement necklace or a chic clutch. A strong supporter of local designers like Ong Shunmugam and Lai Chan, she likes to infuse both Western and Eastern feminine elements in her dressing with lace, ruffles, and kimono sleeves.

Favorite sartorial choices: Midi dresses, modern cheongsams, flowy evening dresses, culottes, palazzo jumpsuits, asymmetrical neckline

Prints or colour: Tjin wears prints from time to time but seems to favour rich jewel tones (sapphire, emerald, ruby) or pastels (cream, pink, teal)

Style attributes: Glamorous, graceful, alluring

Potential online shopping sites:

$$$$ http://www.larkandpeony.com/

$$$ https://www.zalora.sg/women/goddiva

$$ https://www.ohvola.com

Founder of Collate, Founding Member of Galboss Asia, Co-owner of Pince & Pints

She may be only 28 years old, but Velda Tan has long stamped her mark on the fashion scene. She started Love, Bonito (then Bonito Chico) in 2006 with her sister and friend to sell their pre-loved clothes. The business has grown to become one of Singapore’s most beloved online fashion retailers.

She left Love, Bonito in 2015 to start Collate The Label, featuring designs that are at once both ethereal and unconventional. Now at the helm of her own companies, Velda’s style has evolved to become more classic and sophisticated. Never seen with a hair or crease out of place, all her outfits are about clean, figure-skimming lines and fine jewelry to cement her #galboss status.  

Favourite sartorial choices: Clothes from her Collate line, form-fitting tops, peplum, high-waisted flared dress pants, coats worn draped over the shoulders

Prints or colour: She plays with colour blocking a fair bit, though her power outfits are usually a single colour. When she does wear prints, she usually goes for graphic or abstract motifs.

Style attributes: Cultured, sleek, refined

Potential online shopping sites:

$$$$ https://collatethelabel.com/

$$$ http://soignethelabel.com/

$$ https://www.lovebonito.com/

International TV Host, Emcee, Speaker, Advocate

Do not let her cheeky exploits on Instagram fool you; Anita Kapoor is not only passionate and outspoken, she’s also multi-talented with a quick wit to boot. Given all her traits, it is no wonder that the gamine style suits her to a T.

Comfort is a top priority – whether it is the shape of the garment or the fabric used. She accessorises very lightly, only partial to stacked bangles and statement rings. This doesn’t mean that Anita is your average wallflower. On the contrary, she’s been known to break the rules – her most unexpected outfit is a bright pink frothy confection which completely belies her years.

Favourite sartorial choices: Short shift dresses, asymmetrical hemlines, boxy crop tops, biker jackets, ripped jeans

Prints or colour: She enjoys including big, bold prints in her outfits, including nautical stripes, art deco prints, and floral. Even if her outfits are monochromatic, they are usually made of fabric with an inherent design, like lace.   

Style attributes: Casual, easy breezy, youthful

Potential online shopping sites:

$$$$ http://www.katespade.sg/

$$$ https://saturdayclub.com/

$$ http://www.aforarcade.com/

Founder of Exhibit and Yoyokulala.com

With an Instagram account that resembles more the spread of a fashion magazine than a collection of personal snaps, Yoyo Cao has gone from social media celebrity to credible style commentator.  Each image is carefully styled, professionally taken and features a different exotic location.

Her style is ridiculously hard to pin down. One moment she’s doing Parisian chic with a beret and neck bow and the next moment she’s sashaying down the street in a flowing knitted cape. Yoyo has nailed down the art of accessorizing, using anything that would further the look of the outfit.

The fashion chameleon is also an intrepid entrepreneur who has started her own line, Exhibit, and a fashion and style blog, YoyoKulala.com, that featured interviews with supermodel Lily Aldridge, style blogger Aimee Song and even Girls Generation’s Tiffany!

Favourite sartorial choices: The Exhibit line. Besides that, she pushes the boundaries and wears anything at the forefront of fashion.

Prints or colour: Nothing is off limits. Yoyo has worn every imaginable colour and print!

Style attributes: Bold, adventurous, whimsical

Potential online shopping sites:

$$$$ https://www.moschino.com/sg

$$$ http://exhibitstore.co/

$$ https://www.pomelofashion.com

Images by owners’ respective Instagram accounts

Ruth Song is a full-time working mother. She loves her three-year-old to bits, enjoys the finer things in life, and gets excited about saving time and money. In her spare time, she also writes about productivity and finding your own voice.


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