The Golden Age of Technology
6 January

In the world of wealth management, one instantly conjures up images of silver-haired gentlemen, bank secrecy, truckloads of money and high society. Little would one expect a bright-eyed, Asian woman to lead the pack investing in Asia’s tomorrow.

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Bold And Crazy Doing Good
20 December

The Hidden Good is inclusive. Reaching out to various segments of society, Jiezhen Wu leads the pack with community engagement projects.

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This Is State Property
Posted by 25 Nov
Beauty and Success
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Charcoal Grilled Meats
12 January

Chalong’s smokey goodness come in the form of protein laden take away bowls at Singapore’s central business district.

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From Peru With Love
15 December

If you like fresh seafood, TONO Cevicheria serves up Peruvian ceviche with Pisco Sour, a fun selection of signature cocktails, quality wines and Salsa music. After all, Tono means party in Peruvian slang.

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Cut The Fat With Minimalism
11 December

In today’s consumerist and capitalist society, it is easier to preach than to practice minimalism. “Less is more” is hard to achieve when we are conditioned to produce, distribute and exchange in constant flow.

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Flower Arrangement: the Basics and Tips
25 October

We learnt a thing or two from flower experts at A Better Florist’s floral arrangement workshop.

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Bali For Lovers
19 January

Bali is one of the most travelled destinations for newly weds. With sprawling properties, warm hospitality and a variety of personalised services to choose from, this is an island for lovers to luxuriate in each other’s company.

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San Francisco Is For Everyone
1 January

San Francisco is notoriously known for Silicon Valley’s tech boom and sky-high property prices. The City by the Bay is also known for steep hills, foggy landscapes and the birthplace of American liberal activism. With an eclectic mix of attractions, neighbourhoods and mesmerising views, this city has something for everyone.

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Interview with Andrew Lee, Senior Sneaker Technician from Holystic
30 November

Doyenne: How did you find out about the Sneaker Laundry?
Andrew Lee: Before the company started I was already washing sneakers on my own. I learn from tutorials online. And then there was a job about being a sneaker technician and I decided to try it out.

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This Is State Property
25 November

State Property’s contemporary jeweller Ruiyin Lin takes glamourous jewellery design very seriously.

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