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For high earners not rich yet, homeownership is an important part of a modern woman’s relentless pursuit of success. We break down the colours to deck out your love nest in 2017.

By ShuQi Liu

Homeownership signifies many things – financial independence, security, love and family. Every home comes with rooms that manifest feelings, emotions and memories that last a lifetime. But what colour should each one be painted in?

Blue is recommended for bedrooms where quality time is spent with a significant other. 2017’s colour of the year is Denim Drift, a beautiful, timeless and versatile take on our daily lives. As the colour of the skies and seas, blue has a calming effect on people. It soothes us after a hard day’s work, perfect for experiencing peace, harmony and relaxation, even retreating for some action between the sheets.

Green is said to soothe and relax, contributing significantly to our mental and physical well-being. Because of its attributes related to tranquility, balance and nature, pale and blue greens are good for the study area. It creates an environment for meditation and performing high concentration tasks.

Red is the colour of passion. It is energetic, excitable and powerful. For those who entertain at home, red can be used to create a welcoming environment. When friends come over for dinner, pops of colour can capture attention, stimulate the senses and bring a warm, cosy ambience to the table.

As a citrus colour, orange is often associated with food. It is said to stimulate appetite, making it a great addition for open-concept kitchens. A combination of red and yellow, orange gives the feeling of warmth, serenity and assurance. It is enthusiastic, sociable and playful by nature. With orange, a budding home chef can let go and experiment with his cooking in the kitchen.

Yellow is a flattering and inviting colour which provides a sunny disposition. It is a useful choice for children’s playrooms, as yellow particularly appeals to babies and young children. Its vibrant and reflective nature is also great for brightening dim spaces, a go-to colour for creating that happy place every child needs in their early years.

Images by AkzoNobel

AkzoNobel creates everyday essentials to make people’s lives more liveable and inspiring. As a leading global paints and coatings company and a major producer of specialty chemicals, AkzoNobel supplies essential ingredients, protection and colour to industries and consumers worldwide.


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