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As Annie Dillard says, how we spend our days is of course, how we spend our lives. The fact that so many of us unconsciously consume our way through life haunts me. If you must consume, do it consciously and lead an intentional life.

By Guest Contributor Shan Shan Yap

“Instead of holding flash sales and offering discounts, I believe that retailers should start curating products that help people have a better day. No one needs to feel pressured to walk out with something.”

“Nothing haunts me like the things I didn’t buy” is a phrase we often see on social media. Often, retail brands want us to buy, buy, and buy – but this mindless business of selling haunts me instead.

Remember that cheap pair of earrings you got at a shopping fair? You bought it, but never wore it anyway. And that ethically produced handbag? It was relegated to the back of your closet. Every night, many of us also mindlessly watch TV programmes to pass the time. As counterintuitive as this may sound, it is a fact that so many of us spend our waking hours leading an unintentional life.

At the deepest and most fundamental level, I believe that we all seek to experience joy, compassion, peace, creative expression and ease. Yet, we are prone to distraction and our own monkey minds.

To lead an intentional life, we must consume consciously. This means being aware of what we choose to purchase, taking the time to research on what we buy, and pausing to really decide if it is something we need or want.

Most times, impulsive purchases lead to clutter in our homes. When we consume consciously, we make deliberate choices to create our own lives. As much as we can, we should align our ultimate visions and life purposes with what we choose to consume. These choices should either free ourselves from the daily grind, or facilitate our deepest desires to experience the best life for ourselves.  

  1. Research on what suits your lifestyle. Declutter so your everyday objects bring joy into your life.
  2. If you need something, buy the best option within a budget. Often, it pays to spend more for quality that lasts longer.
  3. Enjoy what you consume in the media. If not, turn the TV off and pursue something more uplifting instead.
  4. Unfollow any posts which do not make you feel good on social media.
  5. Know how much you are putting into your body. Stop eating when you are full. If you are still hungry, have some fruit and resist the temptation to eat more.

In line with the above reasons, An Uplifted Day is on a mission to help modern urbanites lead intentional lives with the best lifestyle products delivered right to their doorstep. We believe everyone should take their time to make an informed purchase decision. We also offer free shipping, so no one needs to feel like they have to buy more just to make paid shipping worthwhile.

Give back to customers through great service and loyalty programmes. Refocus merchandising strategies. Step away from a product-centred theme. We should only carry products we would recommend to our closest family and friends. This supports the simple reason that people have to buy things they really need in order to lead intentional lives.

Images by An Uplifted Day


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