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Rice gets tastier and sweeter. It even has an umami flavour.

By ShuQi Liu

Rice is a staple in many cuisines. Think Kim Chi fried rice, Italian risotto, Spanish paella, Indian biryani, and Singapore’s humble Hainanese chicken rice. It is difficult for us Asians to dodge from a hearty bowl of grains.

At the same time, rice textures differ. For Japanese-crafted taste and nutrition, Superfood Brand Kinmemai introduces Better White™ and Better Brown™. Perfected by Tokyo’s Toyo Rice Corporation, the patented rice processing technology enhances the taste and nutritional profile of rice.

Launched in 2006, the Kinmemai brand is now considered a specialty in Japan, popular among both gourmands and the health-conscious. Widely available in Japan’s leading supermarkets, top dining restaurants and on board All Nippon Airways’ First and Business classes, urbanites in Singapore can now prepare this at home.

With the appearance, digestibility and cooking time of white rice, Kinmemai Better White™ tastes slightly buttery and mildly nutty, with a moist, creamy texture that is superior to conventional white rice.

Nutrition wise, this variety has almost twice more amount of fibre and seven times more vitamin B1 than conventional white rice. It also contains six times more lipopolysaccharides (LPS) – a natural booster for the immune system to stay healthy and fight illnesses.

Those who find conventional brown rice rough and dry will be glad to know that Kinmemai Better Brown™ offers a smooth texture and tastes similar to white rice. The chestnut hue is enhanced at the dinner table, as Kinmemai’s processing technology only removes the wax layer to reveal a fluffier, easily-digested, and quicker-to-cook brown rice.

Nutrition-wise, Better Brown™ is still packed with vitamins. With its sub-aleurone layer intact, Kinmemai rice absorbs even more water during the cooking process than conventional rice. This leads to consuming less rice per portion while feeling adequately full, as the body absorbs optimal nutrients.

Calorie-conscious consumers can look to eating 10% less rice than their usual portion for Kinmemai Better White™, and 20 percent less with Kinmemai Better Brown™.

Kinmemai Better White™ and Kinmemai Better Brown™ is available at Cold Storage, Jason’s Market Place and leading Japanese supermarkets across Singapore. Please visit www.kinmemai.com for more information.


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