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There is a saying that the early bird gets the worm. Rising early is a great way to put your brain and body to good work, and address your personal goals.

By Rebecca Temsen

As soon as you wake up, a simple way to get a grip on your self-talk is to use the phrase, “I am so lucky to live this life”.

Getting up early in the morning is a great habit! You can ease into the day, wake your brain and body a bit more slowly, and put some mental energy and work into the problems you need to address. More importantly, it brings you a step closer to the goals you plan to achieve.

Here are five exceptional benefits of getting up early in the morning.

  1. First, you beat the crowd.

If your gym opens at 5am, get there when it opens. Many people will tell you “you’re crazy to get up that early!” However, you save yourself time from waiting for a machine, rather than using one.

You’ll also find that many places are pretty much ghost towns early in the morning. No waiting in line, no struggling to find a parking space. Places like the market can also be far less crowded in the morning.

  1. You have time to be smart.

Getting up early will give you time to make a piece of toast, cut some fruit or enjoy some yogurt. Even ten extra minutes can help. You may also find time to run errands to make the end of your day more comfortable.

Leaving your house 15 minutes early can help you stop and collect dry cleaning, pick up laundry soap or even order groceries. This early morning errand process can also reduce the amount of stuff you need to maintain in your head, because you won’t have to remember to take care of it later. It’s done early!

  1. Waking early gets you alone time.

These days, solitude can be hard to come by. Work and family commitments may keep you running all day as you take care of everyone else’s stuff. Rising early can give you an hour or so to address your things, or maybe just spend some time alone.

Avoid thinking that you have to be productive or have something to show for this time by yourself. If stress is a factor, the process of centering and calming your mind and heart can add years to your life.

  1. All through the day, you make better decisions.

We all have behaviors that we’re not proud of. Whether it’s drinking too much, overeating, or vegging out in front of a screen, these behaviors are often the result of decision fatigue. Getting up early, and knowing you need to get to bed early, limits the amount of time that you are in this state.

Don’t force your brain to make decisions when it’s low on sleep or food. If barbecue potato chips are the enemy that makes it hard to get on the scale, try doing your grocery shopping very early in the day after a healthy breakfast. You have a much better chance of bringing healthy items home.

  1. Finally, you keep things simple.

It takes a bit of preparing, but if you want to start meditating or journaling first, set these things out, so they’re the first thing you pick up.

This helps you plan out the end of your day, so the start of your day is more relaxed. In fact, you may find it easier to get to bed if you have a “wind-down” procedure, such as dimming the lights or avoiding computer or television screens for an hour before bedtime.

Plan to Wake Early

If you are intentional about building a new habit, you don’t have to think about it if the thought process of getting up early becomes automatic.

Put your gym clothes in your own way, so they’re the first thing you see when you get up.

Prep the coffee pot, so all you have to do is hit the power switch.

If you want to write, put together an outline of what you want to write before you go to bed. In fact, your brain may help you by fleshing out some stories while you sleep!

Most importantly, remind yourself that you’re building the life you want and enjoying the fantastic gift of your existence.

As soon as you wake up, a simple way to get a grip on your self-talk is to use the phrase, “I am so lucky to live this life”. No complaining, no whining, just lucky. You have a bed and electricity, which puts you ahead of a lot of the world. Celebrate it and wake up early!

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