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Back when the spa business in Asia was relaxed and sterile, Pink Parlour’s Founder, Wendi Chan, broke the rules with a pink party-themed beauty parlour for everyone to have fun at.

By Michelle Tay

Pink Parlour could be a household name for women in Asia. In 2005, their Founders, Wendi Chan and her husband, Derrick Seeto, entered the grooming scene with beauty experiences from their previous salon, which was hip, groovy, and party-themed. They didn’t want to conform to the unspoken rule that a beauty salon had to be zen and relaxing.

Today, Pink Parlour holds prestige in Asia’s beauty industry as an award-winning Brazilian waxing salon.

As Wendi says, waxing is a lifestyle choice for many, and athletes aren’t the only ones coming in before going for competitions. “The hot weather in Singapore also draws people to waxing. Some people also enjoy the process of being waxed, as they feel like it is therapy rather than a process,” she adds.

Interestingly, many people come to visit for a wax and spray tan because they don’t want to go to the beach. Wendi exclaims, “They want to get there and look like they’ve been on a beach holiday for a week!”

“Waxing is a lifestyle choice for many, and athletes aren’t the only ones coming in before going for competitions.”

The hair removal business has always been associated with femininity, but at Pink Parlour, 10% of customers are straight men, as women want their male partners to have skin as smooth as silk too.

“Many male clients enjoy how girly Pink Parlour looks, mainly because they won’t bump into their bosses or colleagues. They can just say that they are here with their girlfriends to get waxed,” says Wendi, chuckling.

(Just for laughs – if you’re curious about how men feel after trying to be a woman, watch this hilarious video starring Paul Twohill.)

Over the years, Pink Parlour has grown from being a bold beauty salon to a purposeful competitor in the beauty industry.

Wendi reminisces, and says: “Starting Pink Parlour was not easy as we had zero savings and lost a lot of money when we started. Yet, I was very certain I wanted to do this. I worked seven days a week, hardly got paid for two years, and totally missed out on my children’s growing years.

At that time, our most expensive meal was bak kut teh. We didn’t know how hard it would be, but I’m not a person to give up easily. I always knew I could do better.”

Thankfully, Wendi’s parents fully supported her entrepreneurial journey. They helped in every way possible, from lending the struggling business money to taking care of their children.

Finally, Pink Parlour took a turn for the better when they were forced to move out of a building, which had very little walk-in traffic. They relocated to a shopping mall, where people started flooding in.

Not resting on their laurels, Pink Parlour has expanded across the region. Even with outlets in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Philippines, Wendi personally ensures that every therapist’s skill sets live up to their standards.

She explains: “To provide good service, I strongly believe in bedside mannerisms. Afterall, waxing is an intimate experience, especially for first-timers. It is very important that therapists know how to talk to clients and make them feel reassured.

Hygiene is also very important – we use gloves, don’t double dip, and ensure there is antibacterial fumigation. We also train the team to be knowledgeable in giving waxing advice.”

Since no one complains when the process gets done faster, a waxing session at Pink Parlour is about maximising productivity and efficiency for an almost painless experience.

Over the years, Pink Parlour has been improving hair removal techniques and making waxing a faster process.

So before we reach out for the air conditioning remote to cool ourselves from the blistering tropical heat, why not go for a wax to feel cooler? It’s also a more environmentally-friendly option!

Images by Pink Parlour

Besides Brazilian wax treatments, Pink Parlour offers other beauty solutions. Pop by to get glamourous nails, be fabulously bronzed and have skin as smooth as silk to make you feel purr-fect!


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