Boutique Hotels in Hipster Asia

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Get into the heart of key cities across Asia – the hipster, boutique way.

By ShuQi Liu

1. Hotel Rosa, Melaka, Malaysia

There is no secret that Melaka is the hipster city of Malaysia. Navigating down the tourist-friendly streets, one can tease out hidden cafes for sumptuous desserts and heritage fare. With the Peranakan culture deeply ingrained in this city, vintage finds are everywhere, including one peculiar Hotel Rosa, which stands out from the crowd.

Discreetly located in the very heart of Melaka, this is a contemporary industrial living space that’s fuss-free, minimalistic and swanky cool. Adopting an anti cookie-cutter approach towards hospitality, each room is airy, spacious and casual.

With interiors decked out in raw cement, red brick finish, factory wooden floors, exposed beams, visible ductwork and pipes, well-travelled occupants can savour parts of the previous Dutch colony at prices that don’t hurt the wallet.

2. The Mustang Nero Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

A hotel with animal statues, wildlife sculptures, rustic antiques and vintage touches might be the perfect backdrop for a horror movie. Not for Bangkok’s Mustang Nero Hotel.

Each of the 10 rooms, available for bookings via Airbnb, are named after animals often featured in rock music. The magic dragon, a horse, black bird, lion and wolf, are just some of the themes found at this grungy cool, safari-themed property.

From pastel pink bathroom tiles to quirky lightings, every nook and cranny will pique the senses and fulfil your thirst for something new. Not for the faint-hearted, get ready to sleep with potted plants, and interior touches reminisce of the swinging sixties.

3. Lloyd’s Inn, Singapore

Lloyd’s Inn is one of the few local hospitality brands in Singapore. Nestled in Somerset, a mere five minute walk away from Singapore’s famous Orchard Road shopping belt, a hidden oasis awaits.

With lush green surroundings, clean palettes of white, black and muted browns, this is a sanctuary right smack in the city. The building’s architecture, which allows natural light inside, gives tasteful travellers tranquility.

In the luxury of privacy, the carefully curated property is a perfect getaway for one to enjoy the space to do what she wants: read a book, write a letter, work on something new. Take the opportunity to slow down, or create memories with someone that matters.

4. Residence G, Hong Kong

Within close proximity to some of the best markets in Mongkok and street food near Tsim Sha Tsui, Residence G is a chic lifestyle hospitality concept in Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Get into the heart of authentic, Chinese culture where buildings are older, streets less swanky and prices for food, hotels and shopping are also lower. Amidst all that happens in the city that never sleeps, Residence G exudes downtown cool vibes with comfortable beds and open layouts.

Have the space to play, think and relax when you stay in one of their modern and functional rooms. With tonnes to explore in the neighbourhood, this is the grittier part of Hong Kong city, where shopping, arts and entertainment districts converge.

Better yet, luxuriate in their loft-style penthouse, Brooklyn style. It comes with generous living space, full kitchen facilities and utensils. With bluetooth speakers in each room, feel free to blast that favourite Spotify playlist while you lap up the hipster life.

5. With Inn Hostel, Kaohsiung, Taiwan

While hostels in Japan are known to be futuristic, this gem in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, is for backpackers to share a laugh together. Refurbished with painted iron windows and mosaic floor tiles, budget holiday makers can relieve the good old times in a traditional, half-century old Taiwanese house.

This provides a travel experience that’s focused on soaking up the little moments in life. Listen to light jazz music by the windows, have a cigarette on the front porch. Take in the sunshine in the summer garden, then knock back a cold beer on the rooftop bar. Whatever you choose, do it with love.