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Singapore distributors for the Australian organic skincare brand shed light on botanical oils that unwind, recharge and refresh the soul.

By ShuQi Liu

For sisters Sophia and Nadia Chan, naming their organic skincare beauty business after Japan’s most celebrated apprentice Geisha is only natural.  

“Maikos are elegant, graceful and a classic,” begins Sophia. “When I lived in Kyoto, I saw them walk with grace. They are just so poised, even in the rain!”

“Every step they take is with elegance and class,” recalls Nadia. “Even if they walked by without a sound, the perfection in their craft is noticeable. Their graceful movements in constricting kimonos and delicate slippers embody the gentle pace of Kyoto.”  

Along with the quiet confidence a Maiko exudes, she symbolises beauty, youth and purity.

“They truly resonate with CANVAS,” explains the Singapore distributors for the aforementioned Australian skincare brand. “These natural products enhance beauty, restore skin’s youthful complexion, and provide an uplifting sense of well-being.”

Incorporating organic ingredients in their purest forms, CANVAS harnesses the strength and purity of botanical extracts, carefully selected based on active ingredients in essential oils. “The natural scents from each product have their unique abilities to stimulate and relax the mind, body and spirit. In essence, essential oils stimulate a positive emotional response and promote psychological balance. Users can enjoy the beautiful scents while nourishing their skin. This helps to unwind, recharge and refresh. There is inner tranquility to reflect on our day,” says the co-founders.  

Sophia & Nadia: Inhaling essential oils triggers our brain and affects our emotions. It is aromatherapy. Supporting our mental and emotional wellness, essential oils ease us into understanding ourselves, being mindful of our thoughts, and having a positive outlook on life. This is key to coping with the hustle and bustle of daily life.

“The mind, body and soul really make up who we are, and skincare is just part of that.”

S&N: Oils on our skin help to strengthen and maintain the lipid barrier. They protect and accelerate the skin’s natural healing process. With botanical oils, a barrier is formed on the skin, which prevents moisture loss from harmful environmental elements.

To improve dry skin, organic jojoba oils are great. For anti-ageing, we recommend organic rosehip oil. Sensitive skin users should go for sweet almond oil.

S&N: Yes. Over the years, we have access to a wealth of information. I believe this will continue to increase exponentially. More people will know about organic ingredients and benefits, which are underpinned by mindful consumption. We are also increasing consciousness about protecting Mother Earth, so the organic beauty movement is here to stay.

S: I try not to rush through my self-care routines. It is the only time I have with myself, really. I wake up each morning feeling grateful, and take time to appreciate nature on my way to work. On days that I feel stress, I dab essential oils onto a handkerchief, and place it between my pillowcase and pillow.

N: Physically looking after your skin not only helps with confidence, it also boosts your soul. The mind, body and soul really make up who we are, and skincare is just part of that. When we take a moment to look after our skin, we give our minds the space to reflect, grow and explore new dimensions in this fast paced world.

#canvasbeauty is unique aromatherapy intelligence. It contains precious botanical extracts, aimed at preserving natural beauty and protecting its very foundation – the surface, the CANVAS, the skin.  


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