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A Master of Avant-Garde Dessert Pieces
9 August
It takes something special to excite Singapore's most decorated pastry chef as she approaches a decade of creating award-winning desserts.
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Rolling Up Her Sleeves – To Code
8 August

Founder of TechLadies Elisha Tan is Singapore’s female version of Jimmy Neutron. She tells us how women can be good at coding, and be the bug squisher we were meant to be.

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Fearlessly Scaling Up Women Empowerment Across Asia
25 July

WomenTalk TV’s Founder, Eunice Olsen, is no stranger to the media spotlight. A former beauty queen and political figure in Singapore, she now does her part scaling up the challenging world of women empowerment across Asia.

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A Match Made With Sophistication
28 June

Wendy Tse, Society W’s Founder and Head Matchmaker, and Founder of Blindfold, a mobile dating app, is a huge romantic herself who helps clients step out of their comfort zone to find the perfect match.

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Customised T-Shirts Made Easy
6 June

Salty Customs is Asia’s first apparel consultancy in the t-shirt printing business. Armed with a team of t-shirt design experts, an easy ordering process and reliable delivery systems, Co-Founder Shannon Toh shares how the simplified process helps marketing professionals solve t-shirt customisation woes.

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