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Entrepreneurship with Seedstars: The Healthiest Of Insanities
26 March

Entrepreneurship is hard. It is even more gruelling in emerging markets. “It’s the healthiest of insanities,” says Alisée de Tonnac, the CEO and co-founder of Seedstars World, a Swiss-based group on a mission to impact people’s lives through technology and entrepreneurship across the developing world.

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Money Is Money
15 March

As your own best financial ally, arm yourself with a decent level of financial literacy. Understand the meaning of opportunity cost, and understand it very well.

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Places of Calm
21 December

Taking inspiration from a garden state that’s brimming with lush greenery, The Mindful Company seeks to remind us of places of calm in our everyday life.

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Honing In On Home Ownership
20 November

With millennials being a DIY generation that appreciates fast and effortless smart technology experiences, the good news is that, there are websites and mobile applications widely available for completing house hunting tasks quickly and efficiently. Here are a couple of factors you may want to take note of.

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Blockchain Gives Power Back To The Masses
23 October

“In an analogy I like to coin, I will illustrate blockchain’s potential with an iceberg, a solid body of ice that floats on water. What you see is the top 30%. Underneath the cold waters is the remaining 70% which requires a deeper dive.”

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The Art of Silence in Negotiation
5 October

Negotiation is an essential life skill, one that is steeped in the intricacies of social interaction. No one gets what they deserve in life. They get what they negotiated for. Conversations therefore form the very basis of negotiation.

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Planning the Perfect Date
23 September

Psychologist and published author, Peter Toohey, once said that too much of the same thing, and too little stimulation, can cause one to feel an absence of desire and a feeling of entrapment.

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Freelancers Ain’t Free
21 September

Ver.Local means to see or to highlight the true sense of being in a local community whereby knowledge and services are shared. The online platform allows entrepreneurial individuals to list workshops, handmade products and commissioned services.

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Developing Literacy From Childhood
27 August

“It is easy to be entertained by YouTube and be captivated by messages and posts, but these do not develop the language and communications skills we hope for in successful, confident communicators – people who can influence with ideas and imagination”.

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Benefits of Waking Up Early
2 August

Getting up early in the morning is a great habit! You can ease into the day, wake your brain and body a bit more slowly, and put some mental energy and work into the problems you need to address. More importantly, it brings you a step closer to the goals you plan to achieve.

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