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Sugaring, a Less Painful and Healthier Alternative to Waxing
3 February

Sick of the high cost, pain, and after-effects of waxing and IPL? Jasmine Yong, Founder of Sugar(ed), is on a mission to educate Singaporeans about sugaring, a healthier, natural approach to hair removal.

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Coach2Play: Free Luxury Vacations for Fitness Coaches
16 January
There is now a way to take time off the daily grind of coaching, enjoy a luxury vacation and share
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Denise Keller: Model, Travel Show Host, Yogi, Storyteller
23 December

Denise Keller is a svelte Eurasian model, avid travel show host, yoga instructor, and former MTV Asia VJ. She talks to doyenne.sg about her journey to becoming a yogi and path to wellness.

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Getting Work Done in a Gym
11 November
Besides creative co-working spaces, a number of health-conscious executives are doing their work at where they usually workout. Doyenne.sg checks
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Reflecting on Organic Make-up
25 October
Reflections is an organic cosmetics company that values social and environmental well-being. Founder Nerissa Low shares more about organic makeup and
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Sustainable and Conscious Consumption
17 October

Singapore is amazing. We have everything we want, whenever we want it. Actually, we have more than we could ever need. With depleting resources, climate change and unethical practices, how can we consume more consciously?

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Plus-Size and Radiating Confidence
14 October

Being skinny does not equate to having confidence. Neither does being plus-size suggest that one has low self-esteem. Winner of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016 and Miss Plus Size of the World 2016, Fiona Tan, pares down stereotypes and gives us a snug view on being chubby and confident at the same time.

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How to Fully Experience Slow Living
30 September

Wellness starts from within, and contrary to popular beliefs, it can actually be simple, cheap, and preventive. Founder of new media platform The Wellness Report, Ferina Natasya Aziz breaks her wellness tips down into bite-sized nuggets for Doyenne.sg.

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Selecting the Right Business Strategy
26 September

Having dabbled in sports-related businesses like selling bicycle accessories, establishing a boutique fitness studio and online activewear store, Chris Lim, Founder of Selective Fitness, tells Doyenne.sg how he differentiates his studio from the bigger gyms.

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You Can’t Outrun A Bad Diet
26 September

Maintaining a healthy body weight is a difficult task, especially if you are a white collar professional. Physique Zone’s Founder Ding Yifei explains why.

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