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Pilates Home Exercises for Busy Professionals
2 July

Former T.H.E. Second Company dancer and choreographer, Liz Fong, recommends some simple pilates-based home exercises to strengthen muscles and keep them operative.

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Harder-Than-They-Look Yoga Poses For Beginners
24 June

She used to be in the finance sector, but Edrea Hong, Owner of shop-yog.com and Founder of The Yoga Loft, is now a full-time, full-fledged yogi. Here, she shares both her experience and seemingly easy yoga poses for beginners with Doyenne.

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Finding One’s Destiny With Handstands
22 June

Casie Millhouse-Singh, the Founder of LeelaPass, is also a renowned gymnast coach who wants to break the Guinness World Record for Most Handstands Performed by a Group on International Handstand Day (IHD).

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A Strala Approach to Well-Being
9 June

For Strala’s Founder and owner Tara Stiles, well-being is about feeling connected, moving easy, being creative and practising with ease.

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Accidental Entrepreneurs: Outdoor Yoga in the City
6 June

Wee Shu Ting and Johanna Lindroos became accidental entrepreneurs when they took over a friend’s business. Today, both yoginis are behind one of Singapore’s growing outdoor yoga in the Central Business District (CBD).

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