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Chalong’s smokey goodness come in the form of protein laden take away bowls at Singapore’s central business district.

By ShuQi Liu

Photo credit: Tanjong Pagar Centre

Linus Loh and Elin Boh, both 27, left the corporate sector to pursue their dream of opening Chalong, a takeaway kiosk focused on charcoal grilled meats. The menu is lean and focused.

Choose from 18 hour Sous Vide Jowl bowl of apple wood smoked pork cheeks, Gai of Thai basil chicken thigh or grass-fed Black Angus Sirloin. Heaped with plenty of rice and a gooey egg, a limited selection of sides is also available as add-ons.

Despite obstacles, the young couple has won over legions of fans with their business acumen, passion and dedication to serve charcoal grilled meats right. Who says millennials can’t cook up a storm and make foodies bite?

Linus & Elin: We love the smokiness and bold flavours which a conventional oven does not have. The smell of food grilling on open coals is also alluring.

Restaurants that do this well are Afuri ramen and Himatsubishi Biccho in Tokyo, Siang Khaen in Phuket, and Chez Robert et Louise in Paris.

After starting our own food business, we really start to appreciate the dedication and hardwork that chefs put into their food.

L & E: Never! We learn something new every day. Our recipes have also changed well over a dozen times since we opened. We strive to improve our meats daily. Thus, what you eat today might be slightly different from the previous time.

We are constantly improving our menu. For example, we used to have Australian Jowl. Now we use Iberico.

L & E: We cook what we love to eat! Japanese rice has a chewy texture and imported meats provide us with a wider choice to experiment with.

Ultimately, we believe in giving back to customers what they deserve. Our price is not the cheapest around as we use what is best for customers.

L & E: Experimenting and learning. There is never a optimal for anything. Everything can be improved.

Ultimately, we believe in giving back to customers what they deserve. Our price is not the cheapest around as we use what is best for customers.

L & E: DC restaurant in Kuala Lumpur. We promise that you will have one of the best French dining experiences here.

L & E: Finding suppliers in Singapore. As a new and small start-up, we have had many doors shut in our faces. It was and still is virtually impossible to obtain wholesale prices.

Also, finding the perfect location to start was hard. We were very lucky to secure a place in Tanjong Pagar Centre, as most developments prefer a named brand.

L & E: A take away food kiosk allows us to have a higher turnover rate, which is important for any food business.

At lunchtime, most people are cramped for time. They are looking for a quick fix to satisfy their hunger. As much as we would love to create the perfect sit down dining experience, our focus now is to allow more people to enjoy Chalong.

Chalong is located at Tanjong Pagar Centre, 7 Wallich Street, B2-21.


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