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Datin Sri Dato’ Cynthia Teh combines Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practices with nourishing soups. speaks with the Founder of Souper Tang to learn more about Chinese herbal broths.

By Michelle Tay

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is often associated with bottles of gag-inducing, bitter black concoctions. These days, they are more aromatic and come in a more palatable form: a warm bowl of comforting, tasty, double-boiled soup. Each spoonful you take nourishes and rejuvenates your body.

According to TCM beliefs, a person’s health is affected by the types of food consumed. In fact, every ingredient can cause the body to heat up or cool down. To rebalance, Chinese herbal soups are often used as natural remedies for common ailments like low energy levels and flu symptoms.

“As a TCM practitioner, I am glad to combine my medical knowledge with wellness through F&B,” says Datin Sri Dato’ Cynthia, founder of Souper Tang. Whether you consume herbal soups for beauty, health or comfort, each herbal ingredient offers different curative functions through a variety of tasty, slurpy concoctions.

The story of Souper Tang began with a strong foundation in the Chinese medical hall business. Back then, Datin Sri Dato’ Cynthia brewed nutritious soups everyday to help boost her staff’s wellbeing. Over time, a well-crafted menu began to form. People started asking for recipes, and tips to incorporate the benefits of Chinese herbs into cooking at home.

With Lady Luck smiling on her, a local shopping mall operator in Malaysia approached her regarding the opening of a restaurant that serves Chinese herbal soups. In 2009, Souper Tang entered into the market, and Chinese herbs became a sweet pill to swallow.

“Souper Tang aids the passing on of Chinese herbal knowledge to the younger generation,” says Datin Sri Dato’ Cynthia. “In today’s fast moving society, modern Asian women also tend to cook less and rely on health supplements.”

For a good balance of nutrients, Datin Sri Dato’ Cynthia recommends incorporating traditional Chinese herbs for a nutrient boost scooped into a bowl. In addition to herbal soups, having the right eating habits and a positive mindset are also essential for overall wellness.

  1. Drinking revitalising and nourishing soups can help balance the body and improve the immune system in the long run.
  2. In hot and humid Singapore, a bowl of nourishing soup can help get rid of “heatiness”, “dampness” and toxins.
  3. To revive vitality, add Panax Ginseng into your chicken soup.
  4. To boost energy, drink a cup of American ginseng tea everyday.
  5. To increase mind concentration, include the cordyceps flower in your cooking.
  6. For good health, double boiled soups should be consumed thrice a week.
  7. Herbal soups with white fungus, Chinese yams, lotus seeds, and barley can help combat “heatiness”.
  8. Specially crafted for women, the Gelatin Ba Zhen Nourishing Soup helps balance hormones, improve blood circulation and regulate menstruation. It contains angelica root, red dates and wolfberries. The Stewed Chicken with Ginger Wine at Souper Tang is also good for overall body rejuvenation!

Images by Souper Tang

Souper Tang is located at 176 Orchard Rd, The Centrepoint, #02-51 & #02-K01. Drop by for a revitalising bowl of soup!


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