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Life’s an adventure, so make it count with absolutely #noregrets. Alongside plenty of opportunities for solo exploration, Contiki’s new Munch itinerary packs a mean punch for millennials to eat and travel.

By ShuQi Liu

Contiki, the world’s leading travel brand for 18 to 35-year-olds, has been cooking up a storm. “We’ve replaced postcards with Instagram, and cameras with iPhones,” begins Kelly Jackson, General Manager for Contiki. “Despite this digitalisation, food remains stubbornly analogue, which makes it such a strong motivator for travel.”

That is why Contiki came up with a unique gastronomy trip for millennial travellers. Committed to local, authentic and delicious food experiences, Munch wants young travellers to place food at the forefront of travel. It capitalises on the incredible food experiences Europe has to offer, providing an extraordinary experience for today’s foodie traveller.

Led by a Contiki Trip Manager and a foodie social media influencer, Munch takes travellers on a journey to eat their way across Europe. Set to appeal to foodies, a gastronomic journey begins with taking a fork, knife and passport on their travels.

Spanning nine days with stops in Barcelona, Nice, Florence and Milan, foodies get to sample delectable local cuisines, appreciate wine like an expert, participate in cooking classes and dine like the locals do.

Alongside plenty of opportunities for solo exploration, Munch travellers can expect to:

  1. Dine in style with a traditional Tapas feast in Barcelona
  2. Be treated to a traditional Provençal bouillabaisse dinner in Aix-en-Provence
  3. Enjoy gelato and learn to make pasta at a Tuscan villa in Florence
  4. Wander through food markets and taste traditional tortellini al ragu in Bologna
  5. Sip on aperol and people watch over a tasty regional risotto in Milan
  6. Other highlights include stops in Arles, Nice, Genoa, San Gimignano and Lake Como

As a part of Contiki’s Limited Edition Summer Series, Munch will host groups of 25 to 30 passengers with two departures in summer this year. Further departures are expected in 2018.

Images by Contiki

Contiki is the world leader in travel experiences for 18 to 35-year-olds. With over 300 trips in 50 plus countries, Contiki is about discovery, once-in-a-lifetime moments, human connections and making every second of being young count.


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