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With butts, boobs and erotic dance moves, the world-class cabaret shows squeaky clean Singapore that women have the power to seduce.

By ShuQi Liu

Butts, boobs and erotic dance moves. Celebrating 65 show-stopping years of naked couture, Crazy Horse Paris’ Forever Crazy finally made its debut in Singapore on 11 October 2017 at the Marina Bay Sands Theatres.

Thanks to Base Entertainment Asia, this progressive live act is entertainment at its best. Breaking Singapore’s squeaky clean reputation with a titillating performance, women from all walks of life are treated to an evening of feel good vibes on a different level.

Presenting classically trained dancers in a sensual, sophisticated way, this is a feast for the imagination. Popular songs by the likes of Britney and Beyoncé are accompanied by well-choreographed dances, opulent costumes and flirty light projections. A fair amount of moans and groans are also thrown into the equation.

Be prepared to squirm in your seat. Immersing in a tantalizing extravaganza, the cabaret crew is decked in full Parisien glamour. Think Karl Lagerfeld, Chantal Thomass and Christian Louboutin. Featuring the best of French designers, each little piece of costume is strategically placed to make the dancer’s body line look its best.

Over a two hour performance, a series of highly aesthetic and visual tableaus further enhance the theatrical experience. A clever play on textured lighting and projections provide teasing glimpses into stage effects that leave you wanting more. With skin and light reflections, who knew the fascination with women could engage the mind, as much as the eye?

Far from vulgar, pornographic material, discerning audiences will be persuaded to be naughty and let go. What stands out most is the cabaret’s take on power games. Simply put, women have what it takes to seduce men. Flirtatious dance moves, accentuated by feminine curves and shapely figures, will teach you a thing or two about embracing your unique qualities. Female empowerment can be fun and fantastic! Just don’t take yourself too seriously.

For those with a prudish attitude, know that this is tasteful entertainment. Singapore will not allow stark nakedness in the public sphere. Touches of modernity, humour and sophistication are presented through a kaleidoscope of beauty, grace, passion and precision. If you get lucky, these dancers might just return to Singapore in 2018.

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