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For Austin International Management School’s Christine Sim, cultivating and embracing diversity leads to opportunities, empowerment and sustainable growth in entrepreneurship.

By ShuQi Liu

Christine: Diversity is about opportunities, empowerment and sustainable growth.

C: In cross-culturalism, there can be synergy in diversity when there is a high level of trust, acceptance, and tolerance of differences. People are different, not difficult.

If everyone makes an attempt to accept differences, we can have inclusiveness in diversity.

C: The 4 E’s are my key thrusts in my life’s mission. They help me stay focused on my primary areas of endeavours.

Education: Lifelong learning, travelling, and networking.

Employability: Be open to options and adapt to new work situations.

Empowerment: Be mentored and mentor others.

Entrepreneurship: Personal empowerment creates more options for self and others.

“People are different, not difficult.”

C: In my 20s, I was learning and equipping myself through lifelong education, travelling and networking.

In my 30s, I enjoyed motherhood, nurturing my family and business at the same time. To remain relevant in the workplace, I was open to various employment options and adapted to new work situations accordingly.

Later in my 40s, I focused on achieving personal mastery through entrepreneurship. I worked on personal empowerment to create more options for myself and others.

Now in my 50s, I am mentoring and grooming the next generation of leaders who could be society’s movers and shakers. This is part of empowerment – be mentored and mentor others.

C: I wanted to be a nun, teacher or nurse.

C: Entrepreneurship is about economic value creation and a strong multiplier. If one combines it with a strong social mission, as a nun for example, it has a greater and direct social impact.

C: The motto, “live well and well lived” – I want a life with few regrets.

Christine Sim is the Executive Director at Austin International Management School (AIMS). Founded by Dr Leong Horn Kee in 2008, AIMS strives to provide avenues and training courses where entrepreneurs can acquire the basic, essential skill sets to become better businessmen.  

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