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Armed with a team of t-shirt design experts, an easy ordering process, and reliable delivery systems, Co-Founder of Saltycustoms, Shannon Toh, shares how the simplified process helps marketing professionals solve T-shirt customisation woes.

By ShuQi Liu

Credit: Saltycustoms Instagram

Shannon: It is love – do what you love, love what you do.

S: In essence, Saltycustoms helps make the tough decisions so you can focus on the results.

A T-shirt expert begins by being there to guide and simplify the process of designing and ordering for the customer. At the same time, we listen to their problems and understand what they want.

S: Yes, exactly. We offer ideas and solutions in areas such as product, print, design, cost management, just to name a few. Then we narrow down the options and execute effectively in collaboration with our customers.

S: Ease, reliability and beauty. A T-shirt printing supplier should make the painful process of ordering extremely easy by reaching your preferred channel.

They are reliable people who offer consistent products and timely delivery. Most importantly, they think beyond their business to help you achieve what you want.

It also never hurts to have passionate individuals craft a beautiful, eye-catching T-shirt design with you.

Credit: Saltycustoms Instagram

Credit: Saltycustoms

Photos credit: Shannon Toh

S: Most definitely an entrepreneur in another business. In a parallel universe, an astronaut or a classic rock band guitarist.


Saltycustoms is Asia’s first apparel consultancy in the T-shirt printing business. Before Saltycustoms became a B2B T-shirt supplier, Shannon’s dream was to create Saltydogg, a clothing brand named after his favourite childhood comic character. Get in touch with the apparel consultant at    


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