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Snacks in Singapore
25 December

Granolas, fish skin crisps and ice cream sticks are just some of the common snacks found in sunny Singapore.

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Healthful Eats in Hipster Singapore
27 October

Dempsey’s Open Farm Community, Tiann’s and The Butcher’s Wife in Tiong Bahru are tried and tasted spots for healthful eats in hipster Singapore.

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Romantic Night Out At Caffé B
5 September

Get ready for a culinary adventure. Located along Club Street, Caffé B offers contemporary, premium quality Italian cuisine with a Japanese touch in a friendly and relaxed setting. The social dining and bar concept marries the best of Italian culinary traditions with the artful finesses of Japanese culture for a romantic night out.

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Sensibilities Of Contemporary Chinese Cuisine
20 August

A slew of restaurants are here to elevate Singapore’s modern Chinese dining landscape.

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Craft Beers in Singapore
15 August

There is more to local beer than Tiger. speaks to local microbreweries about craft beers in Singapore.

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Orange Wines By Dellarosa Wine
4 July

Like red and white wines, orange wines have many variations. One can expect plenty of mouth-gripping tannins and honeyed aroma with every sip. It can be paired with roasts, cheeses, even fermented foods like Japanese miso, Korean kimchi and Indonesian tempeh.

Exclusively available in Singapore, orange wines can also be found in fine dining establishments like Odette, Pollen and Salt & Grill Sky Bar.

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Caffé B: Italian-Japanese Cocktails and Bar Bites
15 June

Caffé B, one of Singapore’s longstanding Japanese-Italian restaurant and bar, has settled in a three-storey heritage building, off the fringes of Singapore’s trendy Club Street drinking quarters.

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The Art of Saké
31 May

Saké is one of Japan’s most iconic alcoholic exports. With breweries dotted across the peninsula, there are approximately 1200 different sakés to choose from. From Kyoto and Niigata’s premium sakés to Tohoku region’s fruity and complex styles, Adrian Goh, Head Saké Sommelier at Singapore’s Inter Rice Asia has prefecture covered.

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Enjoy European Cheese
1 April

Cheese is all about flavour, colour, ripeness and passion! The key word to a great cheese selection is variety. With over 1,200 varieties to choose from, every cheese from Europe is unique. In France alone, cheese has been around for more than 5,000 years and still, new cheeses arise every day.

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International Women’s Day: Adorable Lunch Rituals
7 March

Lunch is an important meal of the work day. How do modern businesses experience a little more purpose and passion with adorable lunch rituals at work?

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