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Cheese is delicious. There is nothing like eating it directly, just as it is.

By ShuQi Liu

Blue cheese, fig and walnut tart by CNIEL

Cheese is all about flavour, colour, ripeness and passion! The key word to a great cheese selection is variety. With over 1,200 varieties to choose from, every cheese from Europe is unique. In France alone, cheese has been around for more than 5,000 years and still, new cheeses arise every day.

Depending on each of their unique taste, aspect, texture and history, cheese-tasting is an experience that awakens the senses. Doyenne.sg speaks with Morgane Foucaud, founder of La Petite Boutique, on how to enjoy European cheese.

Morgane: When it comes to buying cheese, I am often positively surprised by Singaporeans’ curiosity and openness. Some like the Epoisses (a washed-rind cheese from Burgundy that can have a strong pungent taste when fully ripe), or Roquefort Carles (a blue-veined cheese made with natural penicillium roqueforti that stimulates the immune system). Some prefer to go for a milder young Manchego, or fresh goat cheese.

Instagram post of Epoisses by @acheesemonger

Roquefort Carles by La Petite Boutique

Instagram post of Manchego by @gingersquaredjewelry

Instagram post of goat cheese by @tongolacheese

M: A Comté, some Brie, a piece of Italian Taleggio, a slice of Colston-Basset Stilton and a fresh Mothais will blow your mind! They are made from various milks (cow, goat, ewe), presented in different maturation stages and selected from different types of cheese (hard, creamy, washed-ring, blue).

Comté by CNIEL

Brie by CNIEL

Instagram post of Taleggio by @aubreyallendeli

Colston-Basset Stilton by Artisan Cheese Company

Mothais by Gourmet Food Store

M: First, there’s the tartiflette, a delicious baked dish from Savoie prepared with reblochon, potatoes, lardons and onions.

Tartiflette by BBC Good Food

Mont d’Or, a seasonal cheese available from October to March, can be enjoyed as it is or baked in the oven. Usually, it is served melted with bread croutons or potatoes.

Mont d’Or by Behind the French Menu

A Gratin is the perfect dish to finish some leftover cheese. Sprinkle some on top of some cooked pasta and it is good to go.

Gratin by BBC Good Food

M: Pair cheese with three things: fresh crisp bread or crackers, your favourite red or white wine, and a selection of fruit chutneys to bring a bit of sweetness to your platter.

M: Eat cheese in its purest form and like everything, I would say, in moderation. Take 100% pleasure in eating it. Your body will benefit from consuming a good variety of cheeses, milks and textures.

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