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Reebonz: Revolutionising the Luxury E-Commerce Market
7 December
The rules of retail have changed. Omni-channel innovations are key for the luxury industry in Asia-Pacific. Reebonz’s founders Benjamin Han,
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Tech for Social Good: For Women, By Women
23 October

Technology in Southeast Asia is booming. Venture capital is flowing. In a region flushed with cash, Founder and CEO of Wobe, Adrianna Tan has an elegant mobile phone solution for underprivileged women and underserved communities left behind in the hype.

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Hotel IKON Phuket’s Youngest Hotelier
21 October
Mona Narukatpichai is at the helm of the new Hotel IKON Phuket. As the face of the new hotel, she
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On Female Gamers and Singapore eSports: Tammy Tang
20 October

Arguably one of Singapore’s most prominent gamer girls, Tammy Tang has multiple lives: promoting the female gaming scene, managing a professional team, and working for a live-streaming video platform. We take a peek to discover how she accomplishes it all.

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Plus-Size and Radiating Confidence
14 October

Being skinny does not equate to having confidence. Neither does being plus-size suggest that one has low self-esteem. Winner of Miss Top of the World Plus Size 2016 and Miss Plus Size of the World 2016, Fiona Tan, pares down stereotypes and gives us a snug view on being chubby and confident at the same time.

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Can Women Really Have It All?
10 October

Lean In China champions mentorship, leadership, and mutual support for women across China. Co-founder Virginia Tan talks to Doyenne.sg about how Lean In helps Asian women take leaps of faith in their careers and lives.

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People Make The Difference
15 September

Zhang Tingjun, Executive Director at Mercy Relief emphasises that disaster relief is about recognising survivors, not victims. Humanitarian work is like any other job in the market. It is about people coming together to make that difference.

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Advocating For A Connection With Nature
15 September

Olivia Choong is dreamy yet down-to-earth. A tree hugger, environmental advocate and eco-junkie, the girl-next-door muses about her quest to lead a green life in a city state.

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kathy xu ecotourism shark conservation
A Lady And Her Sharks
15 September

Shark conservation through ecotourism is not a typical career choice for ex-teachers, but Kathy Xu, founder of The Dorsal Effect, is different from most. The avid diver shares her story and struggles, anchored by a bold dream for the future.

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Banking On Alternative Investments
30 August

Ikuko Yamanaka, CEO of Terrasias Capital thinks the world of alternative investments is crowded and tough. We find out how she remains focused and stubborn without emotions from an early age.

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