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New initiatives and technologies are continuously invigorating the thousand year old wedding industry. How do we create matrimonial memories that last a lifetime?

By ShuQi Liu

Like every industry in the universe, digital technologies are changing the ways married couples plan their wedding day to the finest detail. It has given marriage a dream factor, changing how couples find inspirations, floral arrangements, venue hires, even the way vendors and couples connect and negotiate.

But some things remain the same. While today’s methods may differ from yester years, marriage still lasts a lifetime. All the time and effort spent on getting wedding days sorted boil down to creating lasting memories and a joyous celebration.

Teo Peiru, Managing Director and Owner of La Belle Couture Weddings, believes that weddings encompass love, commitment and hope for a better future. “When brides choose a wedding gown, they are actually creating memories that last forever. Besides style, personality, body type fit, venue and climate factors, a bride should pick a dress that will bring a smile to her face many years later,” she explains.

As a wedding planner, Peiru has the creative license to do anything a wedding couple fancies under the sun. “The sky’s the limit,” she enthuses. “Being naturally curious about how things work, it gives us the freedom to experiment and test concepts that work. It also helps to have a very supportive and energetic team that makes work a lot more enjoyable!”

A quick snoop around La Belle Couture’s online presence says it all. Quirky wedding photos and unconventional wedding concepts come to life, as blissfully married couples put their stamp on every aspect imaginable to mark their union.

“I feel that the best wedding destination has to bear meaning for the couple. It has to be special for them,” Peiru shares. “It is true when they say that the quality of relationships determines a person’s happiness. I can be happy in any place, as long as I am surrounded by my loved ones.”

While Asia is home to many unique cultures, the wedding industry is progressing very quickly with the advancement of technology. Earlier in February 2016, La Belle Couture made headlines with the launch of a virtual fitting room and make-up mobile app. Using augmented reality, it allows brides-to-be to better visualise how they look in gowns without undergoing a time-consuming process.   

“Instead of overwhelming couples with endless inspiration pictures, we guide them to execute with practical tips, so they have the right decision making skills and mindsets to best plan their wedding,” Peiru says with earnesty. “This heartfelt and genuine approach is the same as how we would guide our own sister for her wedding.”

When we asked the data driven Mechanical Engineering degree holder what was the toughest experience she had as an entrepreneur, Peiru pointed to the time when she first started the business. “We had to turnaround the company within a short period of time. Six months later, my partner quit because she didn’t see that we could ever succeed. I had to be resilient and relentless about overcoming these tough times before better days emerged.”

What keeps you going? I asked. Peiru brightens up again. “Delivering what was promised. The key is to do without expecting anything in return, and do it because it truly benefits.”  

Ten years on, La Belle Couture remains as the bridal boutique in Singapore, providing a full suite of wedding services for a hassle and stress free experience.


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