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Dempsey’s Open Farm Community, Tiann’s and The Butcher’s Wife in Tiong Bahru are tried and tasted spots for healthful eats in hipster Singapore.

By ShuQi Liu

“Open Farm Community is committed to sourcing ingredients from local farms, incorporating native food sources and Asian traditions for global palates.”

Open Farm Community

130E Minden Road

Singapore 248819

Supporters of the locavore movement can count on Open Farm Community to come up with an Asian-inspired farm to table concept. Offering urbanites the opportunity to learn about food, the role it plays in a modern ecosystem and to establish a deeper connection with local farms, the menu takes diners through the way we eat, what we eat and how we eat.

Centrally located in Dempsey, a lush green spot with historic significance in Singapore, Open Farm Community is committed to sourcing ingredients from local farms, incorporating native food sources and Asian traditions for global palates.

Delicious seasonal fare is also paired with natural wines, which are created with minimal chemical and technological intervention. Widely regarded as healthier than conventional wine without the use of additives, preservative, and stabilisers, natural wines are celebrated in an environment steeped in biodiversity and sustainability.

The food

Taste the different textures, crunch and spices of local vegetables with Garden Green Salad. It is a big green madness, mixed together to achieve a beautiful mess.  

A palate cleanser, the Watermelon Wild Honey Salad contains bite-sized chunks of watermelon, compressed in a mint and lime dressing with pickled watermelon rind and organic Malaysian cherry tomatoes. Drizzled in Pilihan Terbaik, a wild honey harvested from Malaysia, the dish is also topped with shaved frozen goat’s milk from Hay Dairies, Singapore’s only goat farm, as well as micro coriander from Edible Garden City.

The Thai Milk Tea Tart features the ubiquitous Southeast Asian favourite Thai milk tea in a French-style custard set in a homemade tart shell. We love that the subtle Thai milk tea flavour completes the sweet aroma of cinnamon ice cream.

The Interiors

The grounds of Open Farm Community reminds us of Spring time in Brooklyn, New York City. Well-travelled folks will appreciate that a casual dining experience of this scale adds diversity to the space-starved F&B options in Singapore.

“Caution ahead. This honest and homely brand is highly addictive.”


71 Seng Poh Road

Singapore 160071

Eating to a healthier and better you is every millennial’s self-care goal. Handcrafted with no refined sugar added, Tiann’s started when a group of beautiful, geeky and greedy friends realised that making simple changes to the food we ate, made our lives tonnes better.

Sharing these powerful deliciousness with the masses, the bakery is 100% honest when it comes to using the best ingredients, just like how the most loving Grandmother would. Building every edible creation from scratch, one can luxuriate in the simple pleasures of life at a humble store.

The food

Beat the heat with freshly churned gelato. Handcrafted using all real ingredients, every flavour is sweetened naturally with no refined sugar and artificial stabilisers. We recommend ordering a Sticky Date Pudding with a scoop of real good Coconut Maple Cookie gelato. There’s no cloying aftertaste to make you feel guilty.

Tea junkies can look forward to the Hot Matcha Latte with Honey, a real good blend of antioxidants, calcium and nutrients. This is comfort in a mug.

Kate’s Lunchbox with barn, free-range spicy chicken tastes like fresh, kampong chicken. Named after a dear friend in Seoul, Kate’s lunchbox is always filled with goodies made from scratch by her grandmother, says the menu.

As Kate had lovingly shared these secrets with Tiann’s, we ate with gratitude. The fragrant after taste from a fluffy bed of Japanese rice and crisp greens fills us up. With wholesome warmth, every bite was delicious.  

The Interiors

Situated directly across a bustling wet market, this is a gem find in the heart of Tiong Bahru. Filled with light, warmth, love and thought, the space is perfect for a respite. With muted shades of browns and beige, Tiann’s focus on real good food is evident. Everything else, from the self-service counter to marbled cake shelves and dining floors are kept to a minimalist, almost MUJI-like feel. I just wished they didn’t use disposable cutlery, but that might take away Tiann’s time from making every menu item from scratch.


Caution ahead. This honest and homely brand is highly addictive. Everything tastes soulful. The best part is the affordable price points. You might come back every now and then for a quick dessert fix or caffeine run, and these little things add up. But we will gladly give Tiann’s our money in exchange for real good food.

“Decked out in Wes Anderson’s kind of quirky cool interiors, The Butcher’s Wife captures the spirit of a well-regarded, European neighbourhood cafe.”

The Butcher’s Wife

19 Yong Siak Street

Singapore 168650

For hearty comfort food that is creative in execution and robust in taste, The Butcher’s Wife along Yong Siak Street is the perfect place for a weekend brunch indulgence.

Nestled in Tiong Bahru’s famous yoga precinct, this modern European style bistro is dedicated to gluten-free meals. The menu, prepared with carefully curated seasonal ingredients, dishes out healthy food that everyone can enjoy. Curious palettes will be pleasantly surprised by diverse, layered flavours.

The food

For a hearty starter, order fried balls of Kale & Gorgonzola “Buñuelos” with saffron aioli. Savour the Italian Blue cheese, a remedy for enduring an arduous week at work.

The gluten-free Chestnuts Pappardelle is a fresh twist to good old pasta. Made with chestnut flour, egg and milk, these well-loved carbs are served alongside an 8-hour braised ossobuco ragu. Topped with walnuts and parmesan, the sauce is flavourful. The meats are also tender.   

Steak lovers should order the 300g Grilled Australian Ribeye Steak with triple cooked chips and béarnaise sauce. Potatoes that are steamed, then confit and fried are simple, fragrant and delicious. The beef tastes clean and hearty.

The Interiors

Diners are encouraged to establish a happy relationship with food. Decked out in Wes Anderson’s kind of quirky cool interiors, The Butcher’s Wife captures the spirit of a well-regarded, European neighbourhood cafe.

The space is intimate enough to let people initiate conversations around what it really means to indulge in food. At the same time, it is open to offering several scrumptious temptations. A selection of natural wines sourced globally are available onsite. This reflects a philosophy that wants gluten-free eating to be diverse and varied.


For gluten-free dishes with a modern European twist, The Butcher’s Wife is a leisure spot to while away the afternoon with a long, ladies lunch.

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