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Vegetarians can rejoice. With a combination of fresh ingredients and wholesome cooking methods, Sufood whips up a tasty treat for healthy eating.  

By ShuQi Liu

Singapore’s vegetarian landscape is dotted by a lack of variety. Stalls peddling stir-fried bee hoon, deep-fried fritters and Indian prata are a common sight at a friendly hawker centre. In a shopping mall, fresh salads are a frequent option. Soybean kiosks are also a Singaporean’s favourite.

I chanced upon Taiwan’s number one vegetarian restaurant chain nestled in a cosy nook at Raffles City. The rainbow coloured sign suggests excitement and surprise for vegetarians, an underwhelmed dietary choice in our little red dot.

Since opening its doors in Singapore in 2014, Sufood has won over many with its comforting approach towards savoury fruits and vegetables. Diners have the luxury of choice. From fresh salads, vegetable soups to hearty main courses, delicious desserts and refreshing beverages, meatless dishes are embraced with vibrant creativity.

The Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Salad is a medley of appetising flavours like apple, orange and pineapple with blueberry dressing.

For a nourishing, oriental soup, the Burdock Root and Cashew Broth makes a light and tasty stomach warmer.

The Cream of Wild Mushroom Soup with Black Truffle is rich and creamy. An indulgent option that smells of black truffles and tastes like fresh mushrooms.

It did not take Sufood’s Operations Manager much effort to cajole me into trying Sufood’s bestseller: the Lion’s Mane Mushrooms with Black Pepper Sauce. It’s for non-vegetarians who are used to eating meat. The mushroom patty is carefully soaked, boiled and fried to resemble a protein – I was intrigued by its texture and finished it within minutes.

I end my meal with a fancy sounding Crystal Beancurd Pudding. The red bean cake is dense and flavourful, contrasting with a light and silky beancurd pudding done right by Taiwanese standards.

I was impressed by the colourful variations presented in the menu. Each dish is customised to suit local tastebuds, with nutritious value to offer.

Overall, Sufood makes an easy dinner option within the city area. A busy urban dweller does not have to venture too far off town to look for healthy, stylish vegetarian.

Images by Sufood Singapore

Sufood Singapore is a joint venture between Singapore’s PUTIEN and Taiwan’s WOWPRIME. It is a well known vegetarian chain from Taiwan, which prides itself in using healthy cooking methods to create appealing and delicious vegetarian dishes.


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