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The Art of Silence in Negotiation
5 October

Negotiation is an essential life skill, one that is steeped in the intricacies of social interaction. No one gets what they deserve in life. They get what they negotiated for. Conversations therefore form the very basis of negotiation.

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Planning the Perfect Date
23 September

Psychologist and published author, Peter Toohey, once said that too much of the same thing, and too little stimulation, can cause one to feel an absence of desire and a feeling of entrapment.

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Freelancers Ain’t Free
21 September

Ver.Local means to see or to highlight the true sense of being in a local community whereby knowledge and services are shared. The online platform allows entrepreneurial individuals to list workshops, handmade products and commissioned services.

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Developing Literacy From Childhood
27 August

“It is easy to be entertained by YouTube and be captivated by messages and posts, but these do not develop the language and communications skills we hope for in successful, confident communicators – people who can influence with ideas and imagination”.

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Benefits of Waking Up Early
2 August

Getting up early in the morning is a great habit! You can ease into the day, wake your brain and body a bit more slowly, and put some mental energy and work into the problems you need to address. More importantly, it brings you a step closer to the goals you plan to achieve.

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31 July

Leaving my corporate career to find a husband in New York at 41, getting married at 46 and now coming back to Singapore in 2016 to immerse myself fully in the startup paradigm — each was a big change and have taught me so much about myself, and about the world out there.

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A People-First Workplace for Millennials
25 July

A company’s most important asset is its workforce. The millennial generation, who is the future of employment, is the need of the hour. According to leading HR industry reports, Singapore’s employees are the least engaged in Asia. Standing at a staggering 59%, employers need to find a way to adopt new ways of engaging millennials in the workplace.

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The Power of Human-Centered Marketing
26 June

Humanisation was born to help tech start-ups make a human impact in the digital world. Despite remarkable advances in technology, there remains a disconnect between companies and the people they seek to serve. It’s never been, and won’t ever be, a plug and play process.

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The Art of Kintsugi and the Beauty of Imperfections
9 May

Many of us lead busy lives that demand convenience and quick fixes. When things get broken, it’s so much easier to buy a replacement than spend time trying to fix it. However in Japan, ironically the land of instant ramen and vending machines, there exists an ancient art of repairing broken pottery with gold.

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Madonnas and Mavericks
4 March

The journey and process of writing take you places. You are never the same person as you were when you first started. The ideas and words morph with each person you meet and each story you hear.

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