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Can Women Really Have It All?
10 October

Lean In China champions mentorship, leadership, and mutual support for women across China. Co-founder Virginia Tan talks to about how Lean In helps Asian women take leaps of faith in their careers and lives.

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Working On Climate Action
28 September
Climate change is real, says the founding members of Singapore Youth for Climate Action (SYCA), Nor Lastrina Hamid, Pui Cuifen,
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Digital Marketing: New Kid on the Block
10 September

Dhawal Shah, Co-founder and Technical Director at 2Stallions, states that digital marketing is the new kid on the block that everyone is trying to take on, but still needs more time to get to know.

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How to Stay Inspired, Productive & Comfortable at Work
6 July

In order to stay productive at work, Yun Quek, Location Manager at the Hive Singapore, says that the best way to keep yourself motivated is to remember what you opened your laptop for.

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Achieving Ultimate Life Balance
18 June

Juggling work and family, Kim Underhill of Ultimate Balance Consultancy told how she went from a jobless single parent to a high-flying executive in the F&B industry.

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Cultivating Diversity
18 June

For Austin International Management School’s Christine Sim, cultivating and embracing diversity leads to opportunities, empowerment and sustainable growth in entrepreneurship.

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Embracing Change
6 June

Through bespoke learning experiences designed to help people realise what’s important to them and how they can build this into their life work, Co-Founder of The Change School, Solonia Teodros, believes in the many life lessons that empower us to make change a reality.

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