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Dining at Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower is made affordable with LeVel33’s new Saturday Brunch menu. Overlooking Singapore’s stunning skyline, everyone can now share food plates with loved ones without sacrificing the luxe factor.

By ShuQi Liu

Family, friends, chilled craft beers, boozy cocktails, a seemingly simple yet stunning menu, fantastic value, and an amazing view of Marina Bay – these are just some reasons that make LeVeL33’s rooftop drinking and dining an exceptional Saturday brunch venue.

The carefully conceptualised dishes are unassuming yet perfect – preserving the pristine flavours and textures of glorious produce from over the world. Taking inspirations from Singapore and beyond, everything can be put in the centre for all to dig in!

Delicate, fresh and appetising, the Confit Salmon is prepared with simple steps to retain the natural blush of the fish and deep ocean flavour. Strips of salmon and avocado are tossed in a dressing of herb oil and squid ink – a pleasant way to start your sumptuous brunch.

A Japanese-inspired dish, the rare Beef Tataki uses the finest Argentinian tenderloin. It is pan-seared ever so slightly in order to retain its natural juices and vibrant pink hue. The dish is served with a drizzle of LeVeL33’s signature XO sauce and a dash of mustard for a slight kick.

A fun dish for the kid at heart, Bacon “Man Cakes” is a stack of fluffy, golden brown banana pancakes, fresh berries, and clotted cream layered in a beer mug, complete with slices of homemade dehydrated bananas. A strip of smoky, savoury bacon tops it off. It wouldn’t be complete complete with a jug of maple syrup on the side!

For a really sweet ending, LeVel33 serves up a colourful dessert party, which includes the snappy Pretzel Roulette, an assortment of mini pretzels dipped in a layer of chocolate – some with icing sugar, others with butterscotch and more.

The Mirrored Doughnut, with a soft fluffy cake and colourful rainbow sugar-sweet marble glaze that has a swirl of whipped cream and cherry on top.

Not for the faint-hearted, the Peanut Bacon and Jelly is an indulgence. This dessert is an ensemble of a 30-second chocolate sponge, peanuts, grape jelly, a slice of savoury bacon and swirls of salted caramel sauce – a jacked-up version of the old-school favourite peanut butter and jelly.

Last but not least, the Strawberry Pot is served in a small flowerpot. Fresh and juicy strawberries are plucked from a messy bed of chocolate soil and vanilla mousse, then dunked straight into the mouth. Simply decadent!

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Images by LeVeL33

LeVeL33 is situated at the top of Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower. It is also known as the world’s highest urban craft brewery, offering an experiential penthouse dining experience with panoramic views of Marina Bay, delicious, contemporary cuisine and boutique beers.


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