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Singapore’s vibrant food scene is dotted with informal Japanese gastropubs.  visited a pop culture inspired one along Club Street and fell in love with its quality Japanese-American offerings.

By ShuQi Liu

“If you are looking for a casual after-work drinking place, Izy Dining & Bar does over the top sushi rolls and sake well.”

Singapore’s Club Street houses a veritable list of the city’s best watering holes. For a convivial atmosphere that offers modern and classic cocktails, spirits and wine, Izy Dining & Bar hits the spot.

Set in an edgy mod-industrial abode, Izing Dining & Bar is a pop culture urban Izakaya serving quality Japanese-American fare and drinks like sake, highball and umeshu. Embracing quality and productive perfection, Izy’s witty sensuality is first translated into an 11-metre long mural, composed of Japanese and American pop icons.

Then, it tantalises one’s tastebuds with sharing plates for a bustling party of five and more. These decked with a decadent amount of fresh seafood maki and sushi rolls. For those with hungry bellies craving for savoury textures, signatures like the Wagyu Tomato Sukiyaki and Wagyu Truffle Don are set to stimulate the senses.

Spoilt by so many choices, Izy Dining & Bar is a place to forget about boundaries and experience the unreserved openness of youth with pop music, unbounded sparks of energy and liveliness.

Linger a little longer and you will find a hidden pop culture Japanese bar concealed behind a camouflaged wall. This is tucked away at the end of the restaurant. Affectionately named Caché, which means ‘hidden’ in French, the industrial-chic bar exudes a tactile drinking experience set amidst a hedonistic myriad of leather and mirror panels lining the bar.

If you are looking for a casual after-work drinking place, Izy Dining & Bar does over the top sushi rolls and sake well. The menu is focused on its variety of sushi rolls. We highly recommend the signature Japanese Nokke Roll, which brings generous lashings of fresh uni, ikura, crab meat and negitoro piled on top of Japanese sushi rice to the table.

For free flow Japanese sake, swing by Izy Dining & Bar on Mondays from 6pm to 9pm. Expect recognised brands like Nameshima and Sawahime in the menu. At the stroke of the surprise Kabuki hour, highly stylized Nagauta music will signify the start of premium sakes like Junmai and Junmai Daiginjo being served for 60 minutes.

If you are celebrating your birthday, hosting it at Izy Dining & Bar entitles you to a free bottle of wine or sake.

Izy Dining & Bar is available for delivery on Deliveroo and Ubereats. Set lunches are also offered for dining in from Mondays to Fridays.


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