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The Secret Musical descended into Singapore with aplomb in April 2018.

By ShuQi Liu

“Packed into 120 minutes of feel good vibes, The Secret Musical is a clever brand extension of Jay Chou’s eventful music career.”

Jay Chou is the face of Mandopop music. Marrying the best of Broadway entertainment with an American, High School Musical touch to a sappy love story, The Secret Musical descended into Singapore with aplomb earlier in April 2018.

Anyone who grew up in the 2000s would have heard a song or two by the talented Taiwanese singer. From pop, rock, R&B to hip hop, Jay Chou is the legendary pop icon who serenaded legions of fans across Asia with lyrical tunes, strong vocals and whimsical instrumental accompaniments.

Yet, the Jukebox musical concept piqued fans’ curiosity. For the unintended, it is an East meets West rehash of familiar entertainment formats. With English subtitles projected on two screens that flank on each side of the performing stage at the Marina Bay Sands Theatre, classic Broadway goers will be surprised by a Chinese production filled with familiar Mandopop tunes.

Look closer and one will find crossovers with other theatrical performances, as the musical has been created by a top Broadway team. Directed by Tony award-winning director John Rando, adapted by famous American scriptwriter Marc Acito and produced by Tony award-winning producers Marc Routh and Simone Genatt, this experience is not for the faint-hearted. Be prepared to laugh and cry with the cast, as they act out a gut wrenching love story, peppered with slapstick humour by lead actors and supporting roles.

Without divulging too much of the storyline, The Secret Musical is based on Jay Chou’s directorial debut movie, Secret. It comes to life with great dance choreography, engaging audiences through music video worthy stage sets, entertaining subplots, climatic twists and turns, as well as young stage actors with a knack for showmanship.

Packed into 120 minutes of feel good vibes, The Secret Musical is a clever brand extension of Jay Chou’s eventful music career. As the singer diversifies into live concerts, international tours, talent competitions and various music-related ventures, this jukebox musical offers a brand experience without the man himself.

More importantly, The Secret Musical opens doors for Asian shows with top quality and great content to showcase throughout the international arena. One can only imagine the amount of music royalties Jay Chou scored by featuring his music on stage, and count the number of adoring fans he keeps entertained for years to come.

To truly enjoy this musical extravaganza, dress in your Sunday best or go to the theatres in your favourite rock concert outfit. Either way, one is guaranteed a good night at Jay Chou’s The Secret Musical. Just remember to sing along with an emotional crowd.

Images by The Secret Musical