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Cammy Wong, founder of homegrown label KNITS, redefines minimalism and shares the philoshophy behind her thoughtful pieces.

By Esther Yeo

The first thing I notice about Cammy Wong is her striking living interior; strictly furnished with the modern essentials strung together by a bold yet personal colour palette.

And KNITS hardly differs.

The founder very simply states that KNITS is a humble and honest expression of her personal style. “KNITS is the embodiment of my personal definition of minimalist fashion,” she muses. “I believe in creating a sense of uniqueness and distinction in a tasteful and subtle expression.”

Cammy launched the label earlier this year after over 8 years of experience in the fashion retail industry, four of which was spent founding and managing a fashion boutique selling Korean designer wear. She believes that for everyone, fashion is an exploration of self and an expression of one’s own unique personality.

Cammy Wong: To me, minimalist fashion is not just about simple, single coloured pieces, but clean-cut classics with elements that exhibit the wearer’s’ style and character. That is why we add interesting touches to essential pieces to bring out a distinct personality in our designs in a subtle and understated manner.

CW: One of my proudest moments was receiving our first compliment. A customer shared with us that she loved our apparels, was very pleased with our service and looking forward to see more from us. It makes all the hard work worth it!

For me, the challenge lies in business decision-making. I’ve had to learn from trial and error being new to online retail. Managing an online shop is vastly different from running a brick-and-mortar. 

Lea wears the Boxy Vest Top (SGD 55) & Bottom (SGD 55) in Brick.

Every decision needs to be carefully planned out as it may have a long-term impact. This is especially crucial in this initial stage where we’re still building the foundation of the brand.

I hold onto hope, no matter how tough life can be sometimes because hope empowers me to push myself forward and achieve more than I thought I could.

CW: We redefine the female silhouette by creating boxy fits, structured materials and crisp cuts, weaved with a hint of unexpected trend elements, such as hardware, contrast stitching and uneven hemlines.

Our outfits don’t require accessories. They are kept simple and the designs speak for themselves! We pride ourselves in achieving all these, while keeping our clothes affordable.

Lea wears the Patch Pocket Dress in Mustard (SGD 69) and the Drawstring Sundress in Navy (SGD 89) 

CW: I don’t have any mentor. I picked things up by myself along the way and with the help of many talented individuals around me who offered great advice throughout my entrepreneurial journey.

CW: I’ve been tremendously blessed by the support and help from those around me since I sold off my boutique to start KNITS. I’ve come to always be appreciative and grateful to others, no matter how small the act of help might be.

CW: In everything I do, I always give my best. From my previous retail shop to the current label of my own, I’ve always believed in doing it to the best of my ability. This doesn’t only apply to my work but towards my family as well.

CW: I hold onto hope, no matter how tough life can be sometimes because hope empowers me to push myself forward and achieve more than I thought I could.

Photographer: Esther Yeo | Model: Leanora Cole | Wardrobe: KNITS (@knitscapsule)

All accessories handmade by Germaine Eliza (@talia_sg)

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