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Back in 2001, Lady M® Confections, the landmark New York cake boutique, was the original inventor of the Mille Crêpes. But wait, who is Lady M?

By ShuQi Liu

Lady M® Confections, the landmark New York cake boutique, has landed its fourth outlet in Singapore. Entering a new chapter of its history since 2001, the confectionery boutique is now available within a slew of international luxury brands, designer labels and fine dining venues at upscale shopping destination, Scotts Square.

Step into the new 56-seat cake shop and indulge in Lady M®’s pedigree of culinary panache. The Signature Mille Crêpe cake gets a girly makeover with the debut of the Rose Mille Crêpes. Featuring delicate flavours of rose and cream layered between paper-thin handmade crêpes, the cake comes garnished with rose jelly and edible rose petals.

Dainty, yet poised and flirtatious, a girl who knows her cake and eats it right will peel off crêpes by the layer to savour fresh cream and floral scents. This rendition of the world-famous Signature Mille Crêpes features no less than 20 whisper-thin handmade crêpes with light and fluffy pastry cream layered in between.

But wait, who is Lady M? How did a destination dessert patisserie named after a mysterious initial find its way into the little black books of celebrities and supermodels?

Even Caerus Holding Pte Ltd, the F&B and wine distribution company that introduced Lady M® to Singapore in 2013, haven’t got a clue.

According to the PR folks, it has continued to adhere to top-drawer culinary standards, while progressively expanding flavour profiles with unique confectionery products in Asia.

Lady M® brings New York substance and style to the world of fine confectionery. Known for the sophisticated French elegance and Japanese precision of its Mille Crêpes, one can experience comfort and luxury in an urban escape surrounded by fresh cakes, gourmet coffee and artisanal tea.

Spend hours conversing with friends or enjoy an introspective moment in an oasis of lightness, taste and indulgence. Lady M® is marked by its signature pairing of a white interior design aesthetic and minimalist decor, an intentional counterbalance to the pops of colour found in the Lady M® cake.

Lady M® Confections prides itself on creating the freshest and finest handmade cakes. Its pastry chefs follow recipes that have been refined over the years to provide the highest quality in taste and appearance. The special care and attention has led to a loyal following around the world.

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