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We hear from Creative Director Andrei Soen on Park Bench Deli’s decadent, big kid sandwiches.

By Lee Ying Ying

When you see and consume the sandwiches that Park Bench Deli creates, your workout for the day will go to waste but your tummy will thank you for it.

Park Bench Deli clearly means business when this is written in their menu: “bold sandwiches made with swagger”. Judging from these photos, it’s hard not to see why.

With ingredients like sous-vide fried chicken, beef chuck patties, seared pulled pork and even crunchy peanut butter, their “big kid sandwiches” certainly appeal to most of us.

Creating these amazing sammiches isn’t simply stacking the ingredients together inside two slices of bread. The cheese sauce for their top-selling sandwich, Cheese Steak, took creative director Andrei Soen and his partner Ming two months to replicate something close to a cheese whizz.

Andrei grew up in the U.S., home to a huge bread and meat culture. Imagine living overseas for some time and missing bak chor mee or chicken rice – it was the same for Andrei. Asia’s rice and noodle culture made him crave a classic American sandwich when he moved here in 2012.

That’s why Park Bench Deli’s philosophy for serving grub sandwiches is simple: bigger portions, bigger taste.

Their idea of a sandwich isn’t simple slices of bread, meat or vegetables. Instead, everything that goes into their sandwiches plays an important role in flavour and texture. “In the PBD philosophy, we try to do it right by making our sandwiches as authentic as possible and educating our customers on the different flavours our sandwiches have,” says the former chef partner of The Cajun Kings.

I’m a traditional Singaporean who loves my kopi and toast in the morning, but I don’t mind having a sandwich or two for brunch, lunch, dinner, or all three. Afterall, I’m also a big kid who loves my sandwiches.

I love sandwiches like… In the words of 50 cent: “Like a fat kid loves cake.”

I’m still a big kid… I still love video games with my friends such as Fifa and Destiny, and cartoons like Rick and Morty, and Archer.

My favourite quote is…. “Everybody comes to a point in their life when they want to quit, but it’s what you do at that moment that determines who you are,” – David Goggins

In 2020… The goal is to lose some weight so that gives me four years to try to get it going!  

Images by @parkbenchdeli

Park Bench Deli is located at 179 Telok Ayer Street, Singapore 068627. Email them at bros(at)parkbenchdeli(dot)com to cater some of those delicious sandwiches!


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