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Thinking out of the box for your next perfect date does not require too much effort.

By Esther Khong

“Physical gifts are great and romantic expressions of love, but memories last a lifetime. And that’s the closest thing to a perfect date.”

Singaporean couples tend to spend quality time with each other over a meal. With restaurants setting you back an average of SGD50 a meal, your wallet and waistline take a hit too.

Whether it’s the first or hundredth date, eating out is the easiest option to turn to when work already consumes so much of our time, leaving little, if anything, to planning a date.

How does this affect the state of our relationships in the long run?

Psychologist and published author, Peter Toohey, once said that too much of the same thing, and too little stimulation, can cause one to feel an absence of desire and a feeling of entrapment.

This can’t be good for your love life, can it?

Perhaps it is time to think out of the box for your next perfect date.

Not only will engaging in unique and unconventional activities provide couples with the opportunity to discover new and sometimes unexpected interests, Arthur Aron, a professor of Psychology at Stony Brook University, also posits that couples who spend time doing new and exciting activities together are more satisfied in their relationship.

This is where Date Out steps in to save the day. As a marketplace platform for dating couples, the mobile app curates one of a kind dating experiences and creative gift ideas to ignite sparks in romantic relationships.

Recognising that everyone’s idea of a perfect date is different, Date Out offers a myriad of activities for couples with varying personality types to choose from.

For example, sporty couples can try their hand at Augmented Reality Bouldering, even engaging in a one-on-one battle at The Saber Authority, Singapore’s only Combat Saber experience. For those in search of artistic expression, acrylic pouring and pottery-making are creative activities to consider.

Above all, budget factors into most of our dating decisions. With this in mind, couples can choose from SGD10 activities to more extravagant options like a Yacht Charter BBQ date at SGD1,200.

Date Out’s reminder service can also alert couples of special dates, so they will never forget another anniversary or birthday again. In addition, a “near me” function provides the spontaneous few with access to last minute date and gift options.

An exclusive concierge service, where a member of the Date Out team will personally reach out and help facilitate special arrangements, is also available for making your significant other feel extra special.

While some might argue that the idea of a perfect date is only encapsulated in movies, couples do need the opportunity to create the perfect memory. Physical gifts are great and romantic expressions of love, but memories last a lifetime. And that’s the closest thing to a perfect date.

Esther Khong is Co-founder of Date Out, a recently launched marketplace platform that offers couples a full suite of creative ideas on date activities, gift exchanges and more.


The idea for the app first came about when Esther recognised that it was inconvenient for busy working adults to hunt for interesting and unique date ideas during their limited free time. This inspired her to create an easily accessible one-stop shop with curated, quality content to simplify and streamline these processes.

Images by Date Out

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