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Gone are the days where wardrobes overflow with Brand New With Tags dresses. Find out how you can be savvy with your dressing by using only one dress.

By Ruth Song

“As Oscar de la Renta once said, ‘Style is more about being yourself.’ If you are tempted to go shopping now – stop! The magic lies in your closet.”

Minimalism is keeping a few timeless pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. Modern women are becoming increasingly savvy with time and money, so versatile dresses that are easy to care for should be kept as staples for any occasion that calls for them.

As a wife, mother, and full-time professional, a mid-length sheath dress in black is one of my timeless pieces. It takes me from day to night, and I can mix it up with different items for various occasions.

For after-work events, the dress assumes another life as a pencil skirt under a blazing, crimson peplum top.

Go big and bold while looking beautiful with a large geometric necklace. This will play up the minimalistic look, and give the outfit the dazzle it needs for a social occasion.

Complete this look with make-up and a pair of strappy sandals kept under your work desk. It’ll make going out for a spontaneous dinner with your colleagues so much easier.

When running errands, I like to layer with interesting pieces.

A sleeveless denim vest, scarf, trainers, sunglasses, and my mother’s vintage Hilly bag ensure that the entire outfit isn’t too hot to handle in Singapore’s weather. It easily completes the look for a busy day, especially with a three-year-old in tow.

Going on a date with my husband calls for a more flirty do!

Look boho (bohemian) chic with an off-shoulder crop lace top, pretty beaded necklace, and a pair of red boots. This outfit guarantees your comfort as you people-watch at a cafe on a nice weekend afternoon.

The best thing about the dress is its modest coverage. With a crop top over it, I won’t show too much skin! Furthermore, this is also easy to pack for short getaways.

As Oscar de la Renta once said, “Style is more about being yourself.” If you are tempted to go shopping now – stop! The magic lies in your closet. I bet there’s a sheath dress lurking in there that hasn’t been worn in a while.

Retrieve that piece and lay it on your bed. Audit the rest of your closet and start looking for pieces that go well with that dress. You might find more than one way to wear a basic sheath dress.

Why don’t you have go at creating your own looks from your current wardrobe? I promise you’ll have a blast!

Images by Ruth Song

Ruth Song is a full-time working mother. She loves her three-year-old to bits, enjoys the finer things in life, and gets excited about saving time and money. In her spare time, she also writes about productivity and finding your own voice.

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