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According to Bbounce Studio’s co-founder Joel Tan, fitness is the freedom to do whatever you want without hindrance. The hunky former national swimmer shares his sporting journey with

By ShuQi Liu

“Everyone in their lifetime should experience an adrenaline rush when they see what their physical bodies are capable of. That’s what we strive to achieve as athletes in our sporting journeys.”

Joel Tan is a sportsman who endured the tough days as a student athlete during his formative teenage years. The former national swimmer started swimming at the age of three, and from then on, his sporting journey has been filled with morning practices as early as 5am, studious academic calendars, and busy competition schedules.

Despite the laborious hard work and intense discipline, fitness still emerged as the road to freedom for this millennial sports entrepreneur. When asked if he saw himself starting his own sports-related business, Joel admitted that a cushy graduate job offer had taken his attention away from his calling. It became dreadful not long after, which made him realise that money will never be a factor that drives his success.

Joel then quit and started Bbounce Studio, Singapore’s first rebounding fitness studio dedicated to comprehensive strength and cardio workouts performed on mini-trampolines.

“What drives me is the challenge to create meaning in what I do. I want to build something that improves people’s lives. I am glad I took the plunge to do what I really enjoy for a living,” Joel says.

Bouncing up and down on a trampoline to catchy beats of music activates every single body cell, with the help of the force of gravity. Many are quick to mistake bouncing on a trampoline as easy. In fact, it requires full body coordination, strength, and endurance, albeit simpler to execute than flipping somersaults in mid-air. Nevertheless, working up a sweat on mini-trampolines is also better for the knees and joints, compared to running long distances on concrete pavements.

All through the 50-minute routine, Joel peppers his encouragements to his clients with constant reminders. “Bend knees slightly! Suck belly in! Tuck tailbone in!” This simple aligning works the lower back muscles and helps to improve posture. The low-impact vertical exercise also strengthens the overall lymphatic system, and circulation will continue after the class has ended.  

Juggling similar goals in work and passion is meaningful for Joel, as his fitness philosophy is to “improve the overall quality of life”.

He continues, “This refers to one’s health, wellness, confidence, and self-esteem. Everyone in their lifetime should experience an adrenaline rush when they see what their physical bodies are capable of. That’s what we strive to achieve as athletes in our sporting journeys.”  

To become fitter, Joel’s studio aims to make every fun workout effective. In addition to simply working out on the trampoline, he recommends these following principles to live by:

  1. Make small lifestyle changes, set clear objectives and be disciplined about achieving them.
  2. Diet is so important. Avoid sugar and oily food!
  3. Work is important but so is health. Get enough exercise. Set some priorities, put these plans into writing and stick with them.
  4. Weight loss aside, bouncing on a rebounder more often actually builds bone mass and develops lean muscles. It also helps to give a natural facelift thanks to g-force!  

Images by Bbounce Studio

Joel Tan, together with former national swimmer Leslie Kwok, founded Bbounce Studio in June 2016. Drop in for a trial class to see what rebounding can do for your fitness journey.


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