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Curiosity Takes the Traveller Further
7 October
Bino Chua is an independent travel blogger with a full-time desk job. Going against social norms, his curiosity has taken
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kathy xu ecotourism shark conservation
A Lady And Her Sharks
15 September

Shark conservation through ecotourism is not a typical career choice for ex-teachers, but Kathy Xu, founder of The Dorsal Effect, is different from most. The avid diver shares her story and struggles, anchored by a bold dream for the future.

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Mexico: Beyond Quesadillas and Tacos
28 August

With an insatiable curiosity for the world, Justin and Shuyi Liok take time-offs to authentically experience cultures far and wide. They travelled to Mexico, and the result was a great weather, cozy Christmas dinners and unforgettable year-end parties!

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Two Pilgrims Cooking Up A Travel Storm
6 August

When an adventurous Pennsylvanian filmmaker and Milanese chef come together after a chance encounter in Paris, the end result is GHaus, an interactive map for modern-day digital nomads. We find out how much heart and soul Guglielmo Sartor and Cameron Starr put into cooking up a travel storm.

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Gems of Jogjakarta
17 July

For a graduation trip, seven young hopefuls went on a cultural adventure to Jogjakarta, a city nestled in Java – a land notorious for its violent volcanic history.

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