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17 October

As a financial educator, 8I Education’s CEO Pauline Teo is concerned that those who do not have sufficient funds for retirement have chosen to do nothing about it.

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Sex: People Just Need Permission
6 February

If sex is so important, why does the media sensationalise it? Why is sex still a taboo? People just need permission to talk about it in a normal way, says Erin Chen, Lila Sutra’s Founder and Chief Maven.

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5 Ways to Achieve Impeccable Style
3 November

What do Pat Law, Tjin Lee, Velda Tan, Anita Kapoor and Yoyo Cao have in common? Besides being members of Singapore’s influential women elite, they have unique fashion personalities. We discover their fashion identity and relay how you can adopt their styles.

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Fearlessly Scaling Up Women Empowerment Across Asia
25 July

WomenTalk TV’s Founder, Eunice Olsen, is no stranger to the media spotlight. A former beauty queen and political figure in Singapore, she now does her part scaling up the challenging world of women empowerment across Asia.

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Savvy Dressing Tips for Modern Women
14 July

Minimalism is about timeless wardrobe pieces. Gone are the days where wardrobes overflow with Brand New With Tags dresses. Find out how you can be savvy with your dressing by using only one dress.

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