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Hunting for art is a constant quest in search of new, exciting, and moving artworks. finds out how The Artling’s Founder, Talenia Phua Gajardo, makes Asian art more accessible online.

By ShuQi Liu

The art gallery scene is burgeoning in Singapore. For a young country with less than a century’s worth of independence, international waves of art appreciation are quickly catching on.

Slowly but surely, our little red dot is turning into a creative destination for those investing in the arts. We speak with Talenia Phua Gajardo, founder of e-tailer The Artling to find out how she caught the wave and made contemporary Asian art easily available online (what we like to call, the new AAA, which stands for Accessible Asian Art).

Éi Kaneko’s Untitled

Restu Ratnaningtyas’ Tweet Boy

Ernest Goh’s Lookbook #21

Talenia: I was always involved in sourcing for clients, so that foundation was already there.

T: I regularly attend art fairs, gallery openings and biennales to curate art for The Artling, which now features over 600 contemporary artists from Asia.

T: Despite the weaker consumer economy, it is vibrant and has a long way to go. There’s an abundance of great works from Southeast Asia in particular. We are always keeping a close eye on Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand for creative art works.

Jeff Koon’s Play Doh Plate

The team communicates with one another to refine the website and better serve our clients. We’re always open to having artists on board and helping clients build great art collections.

Over the last two years, we’ve also gotten great investors, evangelists, and a solid, passionate team behind our brand. This shows how far we’ve come because of what we do, how we do it, and our good track record.  

T: A desire to be the best.

Guang-Yu Zhang’s Paradise

3. As a first time art buyer, you can pick from a pre-loved or brand new collection. It really depends on what you like.

4. To appreciate art, always keep an open mind. You will never know if an art piece becomes more valuable over time.

5. In a humid country like Singapore, it is always best to keep artworks away from direct sunlight. To reduce potential damage, opt for archival framing with UV acrylic.


1. If you are keen to invest in art, read and attend art exhibitions and gallery openings. Speak with an art consultant.

2. If you live in a shoebox apartment, small canvas art pieces, photography and limited edition prints work well.

Izziyana Suhaimi’s The Looms in our Bones 7

The Artling offers a curated selection of art from Asia’s best galleries and artists. Not sure which brand new collection to choose from? You can also head to Luxglove: Asia’s premier curated marketplace for pre-loved artworks and collectibles.

Images by The Artling

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