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When does life become art?

When one sees meaning and purpose behind ordinary objects and activities.

When one perceives the often missed and experience the infinite.

When the everyday becomes transcendent, that’s when life becomes art.

SPRMRKT is the supermarket that inspires daily life. People can come in, discover something new and different, then tell their friends about it.

By ShuQi Liu

SPRMRKT is the supermarket that inspires daily life. Founded in 2012 with the aim of making the everyday a little different, people can come in, discover something new, then tell their friends about it. By melding F&B, retail and art into a singular experience, the founders of SPRMRKT, Founder and Managing Partner Sue-Shan Quek, and Chef-Owner Joseph Yeo, have created a culinary-cultural brand.

Their first eatery, SPRMRKT at 2 McCallum Street, has for five years been the favoured haunt for food and arts-savvy CBD cosmopolite. After a recent facelift, food has been made lighter. Focused on a healthful lunch menu with takeaway options, dinner and evening bites are now complemented by a curated list of wines. A diverse range of beverages, including craft beers, fresh juices, blended smoothies, organic cola and ginger ale, are served throughout the day.

Sue-Shan and Joseph’s second project, SPRMRKT Daily and Kitchen & Bar at STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, opened in September 2016. At Kitchen & Bar, a new menu was minted for its residential, lifestyle-oriented clientele, centred on European bistro-style cuisine.

Every selection at SPRMRKT is thoughtfully arrived at. Be it a food ingredient, a piece of merchandise or painting, each component made its mark based on provenance, ethical manufacture and intrinsic worth.

Diners can look forward to enjoying a meal before browsing a curated selection of local and international produce, products and artwork to bring something home for their friends and loved ones. “At the end of the day, I hope that people feel good when they eat our food,” says Joseph. “And that we’ve given them something that they feel was worth their while.”

Presenting simple fare with a difference, Joseph’s earliest food memories revolved around his grandmother and nanny. “You can often find me in the kitchen observing them cooking,” he adds. By Primary 6, Joseph was cooking for his friends. At 16, he got his first job in a restaurant.

“As a chef, food is a catalyst for building relationships,” explains the 35 year old foodpreneur. “A common well-loved topic of conversation, it encourages interaction with people. Food comes from the heart. It brings me joy to know that people feel good when they eat at SPRMRKT.”

Redefining the supermarket experience, each venue is a place to be inspired and make everyday a little different. A SPRMRKT goer would pause and enjoy the prime years of her life in this immaculate space. As she listens to Indie house music, she slurps on house-brewed ice lemon tea, a well-loved classic that’s chic, healthy and versatile. She would also be dressed in classy, clean clothes. “But not overly minimalist, earthy shades,” cautions Joseph, highlighting that she balances design and comfort with a zest for life.

Images by SPRMRKT and partners

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