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Munch: Travel with a Fork, Knife, and Passport
6 April

Life’s an adventure, so make it count with absolutely #noregrets. Alongside plenty of opportunities for solo exploration, Contiki’s new Munch itinerary packs a mean punch for millennials to eat and travel.

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Experience Japan’s Cuisine and Spiritual Nature
2 February

Why is wasabi so hard to grow? What is the diet of a sumo wrestler? How can art and tofu be combined to get the best out of a unique restaurant experience?

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Coach2Play: Free Luxury Vacations for Fitness Coaches
16 January
There is now a way to take time off the daily grind of coaching, enjoy a luxury vacation and share
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Authentic Travel Experiences for the Family
30 November

Preferred Hotels & Resorts has a lifelong passion for travel and immersion in different cultures and people. The Preferred Family Programme designs holidays for multi-generational families to make memories that last a lifetime. This festive season, check out top suggestions across the United States.

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A Craftsman’s Travels
8 November

Colin Chen is the Creative Director at The General Company. Handcrafted or not, he just likes travelling. finds out more about the craftsman’s travel inspirations.

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Hotel IKON Phuket’s Youngest Hotelier
21 October
Mona Narukatpichai is at the helm of the new Hotel IKON Phuket. As the face of the new hotel, she
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Curiosity Takes the Traveller Further
7 October
Bino Chua is an independent travel blogger with a full-time desk job. Going against social norms, his curiosity has taken
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Tasty Recommendations By Krishy Mal
20 September

Cooking for one person is cheaper than therapy, and experimenting with new recipes is like travelling to a new destination, says The Cravers Guide’s Krishy Mal. finds out why hearty food is this foodie’s heritage, culture, and love.

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kathy xu ecotourism shark conservation
A Lady And Her Sharks
15 September

Shark conservation through ecotourism is not a typical career choice for ex-teachers, but Kathy Xu, founder of The Dorsal Effect, is different from most. The avid diver shares her story and struggles, anchored by a bold dream for the future.

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Discovering Purpose Around the World
6 September

Jacqui Hocking co-founded Gone Adventurin, a certified B Corporation that helps companies use the power of business to solve the world’s problems. Now, as the Executive Director of the Singapore Eco Film Festival, she tells us why companies should be in line with the UN Global Goals and how they can embrace technology and social innovation.

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