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Hair Care For Great Flair
8 August

Hair Care Tips by Anita Wong, Founder and CEO of PHS HAIRSCIENCE®️ Group

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Benefits of Waking Up Early
2 August

Getting up early in the morning is a great habit! You can ease into the day, wake your brain and body a bit more slowly, and put some mental energy and work into the problems you need to address. More importantly, it brings you a step closer to the goals you plan to achieve.

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Forest Adventure: Family Fun for Everyone
14 June

When Founder and Managing Director Stephanie Besse first conceived the concept of Forest Adventure over ten years ago, she had one simple goal in mind – to create a fun and exciting outdoor activity for both young and old to enjoy the adrenaline-pumping sense of adventure in Singapore’s natural surrounds.

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Fairly Priced Leather For Men
28 March

These days, it is hard to find fairly priced leather that’s functional for men. Retail rentals and brand royalties often lead to markups, which are passed to consumers at a high price. Enter Faire Leather Co., a new age vertically integrated company that runs its own factory and offers direct-to-consumer pricing for functional leather goods.

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New Age Dental Care
28 February

Good oral hygiene prevents bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Doing it the new way is as easy as counting one, two, three.

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The Potency Of Essential Oils
4 February

Essential oils are a game-changer. They can lift your spirits, or calm you down. They also improve skin health by promoting cell regeneration, improving blood circulation and balancing hormones.

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Interview with Andrew Lee, Senior Sneaker Technician from Holystic
30 November

Doyenne: How did you find out about the Sneaker Laundry?
Andrew Lee: Before the company started I was already washing sneakers on my own. I learn from tutorials online. And then there was a job about being a sneaker technician and I decided to try it out.

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This Is State Property
25 November

State Property’s contemporary jeweller Ruiyin Lin takes glamourous jewellery design very seriously.

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Aesop’s Facial Appointment
8 November

First launched in 2005, Aesop’s six distinctive facial treatments take into consideration the relationship between mind, senses and skin as part of an abstract skincare prescription.

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evian’s Live Young Mantra, Lived Boldly
1 November
Global Ambassador Sun Li tells us why living young is not a matter of age, but a state of mind.
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