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Singapore-based food stylist, blogger, and recipe writer Clara Rodriguez Luboff has conceived the ultimate cookbook for time-starved home-cooks, The Vibrant Table: Wholesome Recipes from a Food Stylist’s Kitchen.

By ShuQi Liu

Singapore-based food stylist, blogger and recipe writer Clara Rodriguez Luboff has spoken. With The Vibrant Table: Wholesome Recipes from a Food Stylist’s Kitchen, she puts together a beautifully designed cookbook filled with over 80 nutritious, delectable, easy-to-prepare recipes that will satisfy the whole family.

Keeping things simple, healthy and packed with flavour, each dish is easy to execute, no matter your level of cooking experience. The delicious, healthy plates mirror Clara’s global perspective: from growing up in Brazil and travelling in Spain, to training in New York and working in Sydney and Singapore.

For wholesome and nutritionally-balanced recipes, vivid colours in this vibrant cookbook showcases food photography shot by Clara, as well as menu suggestions, entertaining tips and tricks for brunch soirees, backyard barbecues and dinner parties.

The cookbook focuses on bold flavours and inventive ingredient pairings. It’s never intimidating – a time-starved home-cook can keep the entire family’s taste buds tingling with a tasty take on avocado toast and luscious chocolate truffles, just to name a few. With this handy kitchen reference, anyone with a pan and spatula is well on her way to becoming a kitchen goddess and hostess with the mostest.

Food Styling Tips

  1. Think like a food stylist. Essentially, aim to tell a story through images formed by the composition of different elements such as backdrops, table linens, plates, glasses and cutlery. A nice-looking image should provoke one’s senses, inciting taste, smell and perhaps even memories.
  2. Mix and match styles of different tableware to make the set look much more interesting and unique. Step out of the mundane and experiment with vintage items, modern designs, Chinese patterns and English plates, just to name a few.
  3. Lighting can determine the mood of a photo shoot. Natural light, as well as very dark, moody sets can all achieve beautiful shots. For a summer barbecue, set your table outdoors to make it a bright, casual and airy affair. For a romantic dinner, prepare your table indoors and serve warm, comforting food in a cozy environment.

Images by Clara Luboff

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