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She used to be in the finance sector, but Edrea Hong, Owner of shop-yog.com and Founder of The Yoga Loft, is now a full-time, full-fledged yogi. Here, she shares both her experience and seemingly easy yoga poses for beginners with Doyenne.

By Lee Ying Ying

“With yoga, I evolved into a ‘better’ person. I know it is a relative word, but it has trained my mind to listen better.”

Before yoga came along, Edrea had to be a perfectionist. It was a job requirement in the finance sector, which was not in line with her hyperactive nature. Therefore, you can probably understand why she couldn’t stand it and quit to become a full-time yoga teacher.

“If I didn’t do it then, I won’t have time to do it after,” the 28-year-old says, reminiscing the time when she juggled her finance job and yoga teacher training course. Balancing everything took its toll, so she made the decision to go with yoga in the end.

“With yoga, I evolved into a ‘better’ person. I know it is a relative word, but it has trained my mind to listen better. It is the one thing that has constantly helped heighten my senses and awareness – it’s a process I thoroughly enjoy,” continues Edrea.

Today, Edrea has learnt to deal with things as they occur, and with more composure. Her online store Shop Yog (pronounced “yoke”) aims to enrich the collective journey of yogis in Asia by offering comfortable and quality yoga apparel. 

These apparel can also be found at The Yoga Loft, a three-month pop-up communal space Edrea started with her friends to help yoga teachers find a teaching space, and for beginners to embark on their yoga journeys.

If you’re a beginner who wants to take up yoga and experience how much it can heighten your senses, check out the poses Edrea recommends below!

For beginners, it is challenging to maintain both balance and focus at the same time. The key is to engage the grounded leg. Do not place your foot on the side of the knee or jam against it.

With good alignment, this pose opens the chest and hips while you’re staying grounded. Ensure that the front bent knee does not go beyond the ankle, and this pose will be an absolute killer for the quads.

While this is another hip-opening pose, it helps to stretch the inner thighs too. This is an excellent prelude to doing full splits in the near future.

Edrea wears Mulawear crossback tank and side mesh leggings.

For beginners with tight hamstrings, this pose helps to loosen them. You should feel a stretch, even if your knees are bent. Focus on pressing your belly closer to the thighs, as touching your toes may not necessarily indicate flexibility.

The difficulty lies in keeping your knees in line with your ankles and not pointing knees outwards. This pose also helps build strength in the back and glutes, and stretches chest and spine at the same time. 

Edrea wears Mulawear mesh short sleeve top and basic leggings.

Images by Esther Yeo

The Yoga Loft is for the yoga community in Singapore. Classes, apparel, and related merchandise will be housed in this three-month pop-up space. Doyenne.sg readers get a 10% discount with code “doyennexyog” at Shop Yog.

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